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A Total Smart Locker Solution

to support your business

We don’t just offer smart locker facilities for traditional purposes; our products and services go way beyond that!

Our Simplicity smart lockers offer a totally connected and integrated smart storage solution which can be applied to various areas of your business.

Here’s how we can help your organisation through our innovative smart storage solutions and where in your company our technology could be applied:


Employee Lockers

Staff can be assigned a locker by management teams for a fixed or temporary time period, on an individual, team or departmental basis. Employees can also book their own locker too, meaning that they can choose any available locker via the free smart phone app. If the locker has not be accessed but a set period of time, it is then released back into the system for other staff members to book.

Employee Lockers

Flexible Lockers

Lockers can be assigned daily for visitors, clients or temporary staff for a fixed time period, and is a perfect option for employees who work remotely and on an agile basis. Lockers are automatically released at the end of the day or set time period, with an automatic notification function available to remind users to vacate their locker facility.

Flexible Lockers

Parcel Management

Simplicity smart lockers can help automate your company’s post room with our advanced parcel management software, MYPUP. When you package has been delivered to a specifically assigned smart parcel locker, the recipient is advised with an instant email or notification via the smart phone app to inform them their item has been delivered. The message will provide the recipient with information on how to collect their item/s and the locker will track when they have been retrieved. Reminders can also be sent to employees giving them gentle reminders to collect their delivered items.

IT Kiosk

manage your company’s IT equipment remotely from a single point of access. Employees are assigned a locker and can deposit/collect iPads, mobile phones, and laptops from a designated locker within your IT Kiosk. Each locker also comes complete with a built-in USB charging port – making managing your IT equipment even easier.

Staff Changing Room 

Our smart lockers can be installed in a whole range of environments, including gym locker rooms and staff changing rooms. Companies that provide employees with exercise facilities or need somewhere for their workforce to change can rest assured that personal belongings are being stored safely and offer management teams full visibility around locker occupancy and usage.

Changing Room Lockers

Smart Storage

Simplicity smart lockers can provide businesses with a simple yet top of the range storage facility that offers both security and the latest data recording technology. Lockers can be allocated with different access rights. Different teams, departments or management levels can therefore only access the lockers and storage units they are allowed to. When a locker has been opened, the integrated technology sends real-time access information to the dashboard with records each locker activity.

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