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Smarter Storage After COVID-19

Companies have always relied on some form of data to help them make big business decisions. Now, in these unprecedented times, data is even more important. Not only can it help a business to grow and adapt where necessary, it can also help us safeguard the workplace post COVID-19.

Our Simplicity smart lockers can help to ensure that not only is your working environment being kept as safe as possible for your staff, but that the data collected, when utilising our management software in conjunction with the smart lockers, can be used to gain greater visibility around the building and your business as a whole.

You can utilise your data to benefit your business and keep your workforce safe at the same time, here’s how:

The effectiveness of storage

See how often your lockers are being used and to what capacity. You may decide to have a lower user to locker ratio as a result of the data captured, freeing up space for alternative business uses and keeping corporate real estate costs to a minimum.

Better building analysis

Evaluate the data to see if your building and workspaces are being used efficiently. You may decide to re-distribute lockers to different areas of the building according to the data recorded.

Remote management

The contactless management function allows you to open, allocate, block lockers, and send user notifications to employees all from one single point of access. The software gives you the ability to manage more than one floor, across multiple locations all from one dedicated management hub.

A safer smart locker solution

Monitor who is using the lockers and keep a record of the date, time, locker number and locker location, in the event you need to notify other employees of a COVID related illness.

Single use and group tracking

You can set business rules and allocate lockers on an individual basis, or in teams/groups. Notifications can then be sent to groups should employees need to be contacted. Employers can do so using existing workplace mobile apps directly to locker user’s phones, or, are able to send email notifications.

Social distancing policies

Establish practical workplace layouts and office designs by analysing the volume of people using lockers in certain parts of the building. This will help you to implement social distancing policies throughout your company.

Cleaning function

Set business rules so that once a Simplicity smart locker has been used, it will automatically be blocked ready for cleaning. At the end of the working day, cleaning teams can use their management key card at the control panel to identify used and blocked lockers. Lockers can then be sanitised, both inside and out, to ensure they are safe and released back to the system for the next set of users.

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