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Nearly six months on from the introduction of social distancing measures, the corporate world is starting to emerge from lockdown with many companies now starting to return to the office. The last few months have challenged traditional ways of working and how we view our workspaces; with agile working taking the working world by storm, Simplicity smart lockers are the perfect edition to aiding this style of operating.

Choosing the right office layout, design and storage facilities take some thought, especially when you need to consider the safety and security of staff, visitors and clients post COVID-19. With a large percentage of our clients telling us they have adapted their working practices to follow more agile practises, it is important that the working environment enables people to work where and when it most appropriate. This is turn promotes employee well-being and productivity.

We have produced a white paper to help you create a vision for your workplace with smart storage after the recent and ongoing pandemic.

This white paper provides change management insights and offers an alternative smart business solution to assist organisations in minimising the impact COVID-19 has had on staff, operations, and business growth, all through smart storage facilities.

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