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What benefits are there of having employee storage lockers?

Before buying lockers we need to understand how your office works and what you need to store.

If you have been working for an employer who doesn’t provide you with storage lockers, you may not be aware of the main benefits they deliver to all staff members. The two main benefits of our smart storage systems are:

Storing Personal Items: Having personal space to store belongings benefits employees by enabling them to secure their possessions and reduce the amount of clutter stored in the workspace. Employees may worry about the storage of their own property due to the lack of security and protection provided by unsecured, regular lockers found within their premises. By enlisting the help of Simplicity Lockers, personal belongings can be stored safely within the innovative products we provide.

Storing Work Equipment and Files: Organisation in the workplace is vital, to ensure seamless operation in all areas of the company. Implementing our high-tech smart storage systems into your building can benefit premises which usually set a large amount of spaceaside for their utilities, for example; retail companies, leisure centres and offices.

Personal storage and shared storage are both important physical features of a workplace. A well-designed workplace has been shown to increase staff engagement and productivity. It also assists with the recruitment and retention of employees. The right storage can also support agile working practices and assist office organisation.

How big are employee storage lockers?

Employee storage lockers can be manufactured at a variety of sizes according to your specific storage needs, our made-to-measure storage units we supply and deliver here at Simplicity. Our workplace lockers are designed to meet the needs of each customer we work with.

For personal storage within an office the requirement may be to store a large backpack, a travel bag, handbag, trainers or gym kit. The following employee locker sizes are typical – each can accommodate the above items:

• A two-high locker unit measuring: H700mm x W400mm x D500mm
• A three-high locker unit measuring: H1000mm x W400mm x D500mm
• A four-high locker unit measuring: H1300mm x W400mm x D500mm
• A five-high locker unit measuring: H1700mm x W400mm x D500mm

(Plus tops, décor panels, levelling feet/plinths)

The lockers we install in both commercial and industrial units, are suitable for work equipment. From laptops to electronics and stationery to files, we can accommodate all office supplies no matter their size.

If you’re hoping to store longer and larger items which require a more expansive compartment, such as coats and jackets or spare clothing, a taller locker with a hanging rail or hooks will be most suitable. To store suitcases or a larger bag that requires a space that is wider is a necessity for smaller items, such as mobile phones or tablets, the minimum depth and width will depend on the type of lock installed. We recommend a minimum width of 200mm for Simplicity locks, or 300mm if the control panel is installed in a locker door.

Lockers can also be installed with accessories. For example, stationery trays, or storage boxes – such as those from the Hotbox range. By using storage containers that fit your lockers, employees who work on a hot-desk basis, can transport any items that are usually stored in their desk and from a locker This could include their stationery, laptop and paperwork.

Prior to buying your employee storage lockers, it is essential to understand how your office works, and decide what items you will need to store. Our trusted experts can advise customers on non-standard locker sizes or suggest alternative furniture items if a locker system is not suitable for your work space.

Contact us to discuss your specific storage needs.

How safe are the lockers?

The safety of lockers is dependent on both the user and the innovative lock technology. With any locker items that are stored at the user’s own risk, it’s important to keep your key, code or access card safe and in your possession at all times. With an old-fashioned lock, an administrator may need to manually replace the lock if the key or code is lost. This may even require the intervention with bolt-cutters. However, with Simplicity ReleezMe, card access can be removed by administrators at the touch of a button. Another one of the main advantages that our lockers offer customers is the ability to log events, so if a door is opened with a stolen card it may be possible to cross-reference the event with CCTV footage.

Our employee storage lockers are safer than an old-fashioned locker, because of the intruder alarm system – this immediately notifies any unauthorised attempts to open storage door. The intruder alarm can be linked to your existing system to provide enhanced security and other useful security features include the integral hinge and push-to-open door.

What is the installation process of our Lockers?

The time it takes to fit smart storage systems can vary depending on the type of system, the location where it is being installed and the quantity of lockers. The duration be from a few hours up to several days. The length of time depends on several factors:

Locker and Lock Type: A wired lock will take slightly longer to implement than a wireless electronic, key or push-button lock. To reduce fitting time, the manufacturing process may be completed in the factory before on-site installation.

Locker Quantity: When a large number of lockers need to be installed and potentially scribed in, it will potentially take our team longer to fit them. However, the team’s experience means they work efficiently, allowing you to access your new storage in no time.

Installers Availability: If there is a greater number of installers/fitters who are available for installation, our lockers will be fitted quicker. Our expertise and experience with storage enables our highly-skilled team to efficiently fit your bespoke storage systems.

Client/workplace availability: Our team works closely with clients throughout the entire project, from planning to installation. We aim to have your lockers fitted by your desired deadline, ready for use. So, let us know if you need to meet a project closing date.

In addition, it is important to us that we don’t disturb the production of your work, so in ‘live’ offices we can arrange to install them outside of working hours or within a specific time-frame and therefore we keep this in mind when planning and fitting your employee storage lockers.

Over the years, we have worked with a multitude of clients, tailoring each of our lockers to their requirements and specific needs. At Your Workspace we employ experienced experts to work to a high standard, and supply, deliver and install your new storage quickly, efficiently and successfully.

If you would like to find out how long a project may take, contact us today and one of our friendly members of staff will deal with your query as soon as possible.