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With continued pressure on optimisation of resources within educational facilities, storage management for students around the campus is of great importance. Issues that many of these facilities contend with include: lost keys, running out of storage when much of the available storage remains unused and out of commission storage. There is an answer and it is ‘Simplicity’.

Simplicity offers a dynamic way to allocate and manage storage centrally and easily, a system that needs fewer lockers, serving more students; where and when they need the storage around campus. Simplicity allows students to work in an agile way giving them storage where and when they need it for however long they need to keep it and – it works.

Having a secure place to store belongings for a periods of time means trusting that solution to deliver. With state of the art locking mechanisms and anti-tamper warnings – that flag to administrators if an attempt to enter a locker is made without authorisation – helps to make security worries a thing of the past.

More flexibility in less space. Those are the demands of most educational facilities in today’s market. Utilising every last space on campus to its maximum potential is important. Could your students use storage time and time again in the same day across campus. What if when a locker has been emptied, It immediately becomes available for storage.

Statistically over 30 percent of locker space is unused from day to day. Simplicity has the answer and allows storage to be optimised, meaning less lockers that can be used over and over again, giving maximum occupancy and serving more people in less space. Simplicity lockers provide – total flexibility.



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