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Simplicity lockers offer a smart, flexible and secure storage solution for workplace locker rooms
pound saving a year, per locker, on admin

Providing workers with somewhere secure to store their belongings is a key priority for all companies, schools and hospitals, retail stores and restaurants. In order to meet this need, many employers choose to set aside a dedicated area within their premises to create a staff locker room. However, with new and more flexible ways of working on the rise, traditional locker rooms no longer make the grade.  This is where Simplicity can help.

Unlike traditional locker rooms which suffer from issues such as lost keys, out of commission storage, and inefficient use of space, Simplicity lockers offer a smart and dynamic solution for a variety of workplace storage needs.

With smart capabilities including electronic card access and real-time usage tracking, our lockers provide security and flexibility to both employers and employees.  Access and usage can be managed and monitored easily and centrally using business rules, enabling you to make the best use of the space available to you, and allowing workers access to storage when, how and for how long they need it.

This means that our smart storage lockers can be easily shared amongst workers, making them particularly suitable for companies that have embraced agile working practices or those that operate a shift working pattern.

We know that security is a key concern for your staff members, and it’s also important to us. With extensive security features such as state of the art locking systems, anti-tamper warnings, and intruder alarms, our lockers provide a safe storage option that makes security worries a thing of the past.

Simply speaking, our lockers offer total flexibility, whatever the nature of your business. And with the ability to serve more people in less space, Simplicity lockers are a smart, flexible and secure staff storage solution that makes the best use of your resources.

If you’re interested in creating a smart locker room for your workplace, get in touch today for a quote.

If you’re interested in smart lockers for your locker room, get in touch for a quote.