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Office lockers and office storage play an important role in commercial establishments. Keeping the work environment clutter-free and organised, our durable and secure Simplicity Lockers make storing personal belongings, equipment and workwear simple. Using the latest technology to keep them safely secured, our office lockers are available in a variety of finishes to compliment your existing interior, including plain, wood and fantasy décor.

If space is a premium in the office, the answer is to organise the space you have using office lockers from Your Workspace.


What Are the Benefits of Having Simplicity Office Lockers Installed?

Saves Valuable Space in The Office

Instead of having a lot of storage space in the office that isn’t always in use, we recommend making more of the space you have with dynamic storage. If your team is already hot-desking or you plan to implement such flexible working arrangements, we can help you work out how much storage your office requires. Tell us what you need to store and who needs access to those items. We can set up your lockers so it’s possible for a single user or a group of users to access what you’ve stored.

We can find creative ways to fit lockers into your existing space. Simplicity lockers come in custom sizes, so you can tell us how much room you have, and we’ll design your storage to fit. Our Convergence range of furniture with integrated lockers, makes it possible to have them as part of a table or seating unit. Or opt for a more traditional locker bank.

Provides Secure Storage

Our office lockers provide valuable space and security for staff to place their personal belongings. With safety features such as integrated hinges, push-to-open doors and integrated intruder alarms, our smart lockers provide a high level of security, in comparison to lockers with mechanical locking mechanisms. With our smart lockers, you can have full peace of mind that your employees’ belongings will be safe and secure.

Having our high-tech smart storage system installed in your office can help promote organisation in the workplace, by providing a safe and secure area for belongings to be stored. Our smart lockers are also an important physical of an office, as we can design a layout that compliments the rest of the existing office interior.

Saves the Environment

Simplicity lockers are flexible. You don’t need to order new locks or carcasses as your storage needs change. ReleezMe locker management software allows you to see how your storage is being used. Using that information, you can repurpose an existing locker or locker bank. Change the ownership of a single locker, switch storage from individual to shared use. Keeping your existing storage means that over time you’ll need to use fewer resources.

Safer Smart Storage After COVID-19

With many of the UK’s workforce now starting to be phased back into the office after the recent COVID-19 pandemic; employers are looking at new ways in which they can keep their employees safe in the workplace. Our Simplicity smart lockers can help companies to implement social distancing with the automated locker allocation function. Lockers can be blocked/re-assigned should a locker become contaminated; a notification can then be sent to the facilities management team for cleaning. The integrated software allows remote management from a central hub and gives full visibility around locker usage, and you can also book your locker remotely using the pre-booking function via the mobile app, to help organise working bubbles and ensure that there are not too many people in a certain part of the building at any one time. Furthermore, our lockers can also be manufactured using antibacterial finishes to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

How Big Are the Office Lockers?

We can manufacture office lockers to specific sizes depending on the brief and can advise on sizing where needed. Our office lockers are specifically designed to meet the requirements of each customer we work with. The lockers we install, in both commercial and industrial units, are suitable for holding work equipment and personal belongings. We also design and install office lockers for oversized or hanging items – such as coats. We also produce smaller lockers for phones, tablets, laptops or paperwork. Whichever design you are interested in, we would recommend a minimum width of 200mm for Simplicity lockers (or 300mm if the control panel is installed in a locker door).

Contact us with your smart locker requirements, and our experts will be able to advise you on the most appropriate dimensions for your space available.

How Safe Are the Lockers?

The security of any locker is dependent on the user and the lock technology. As with any locker, the items are stored at the user’s own risk, so it’s important to keep your key, card or access card safe at all times. If an employee happens to leave the business or a locker is no longer required by an employee, card access can be removed by administrators at the touch of a button with Simplicity ReleezMe. This software also logs locker events. So if a locker door is opened with a stolen card, or if a door isn’t shut properly, it may be possible to cross-reference the event with your building’s CCTV footage. ReleezMe can also be set up to send a warning to the account manager.

All of our lockers, including our office lockers, are built to last. Each compartment has a strong and hard-wearing carcass and sturdy door, so you can trust these units to continue to look their best for years to come.


What Is the Installation Process of Office Lockers?

The time it takes to install our fit smart storage systems will vary depending on the scale of the job – it could be anything from a few hours to several days. Other factors for installing office lockers include:

Locker and Lock Type: A wired lock office locker will take slightly longer to implement than a wireless electronic, key or push-button lock version. To reduce the fitting time, the manufacturing process can be completed in the factory before the on-site installation.

Locker Quantity: If you are interested in having a large number of office lockers installed, this can take the team a little longer to install. However, the team’s experience means that the process will be completed efficiently so that you can access the lockers in no time.

Installers Availability: Our dedicated installation team have years of experience installing bespoke storage in a wide range of workspaces. This means that your lockers will be fitted quicker.

Client/Workplace Availability: We will work closely with clients throughout the entire project, from the planning stage right through to the installation day. We aim to have lockers fitted and ready for use by the desired deadline you set.

To avoid disrupting your business, we can arrange to install office lockers outside of working hours or within a specific time frame.

We have worked with a number of clients over the years to deliver lockers that are tailored to their requirements and specific needs. The hard-working and experienced team at Your Worksspace continuously work to a high standard, supplying, delivering and installing lockers that are efficient and reliable to use.


To find out more about our office locker services, please contact us today.