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Simplicity smart lockers are the ideal solution for police forces in the UK. Choosing a smart system allows easier access and management and there are potentially huge cost benefits too.

  • Officers can open their locker using their existing building access cards.
  • Easy online management by a single central or multiple facilities management teams.
  • Lockers can be assigned: To an individual; a particular team or shift; Or on an ad hoc basis.
  • One access card can open multiple lockers.
  • Data can be collected on ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ actions to assess usage.
  • Bespoke designs allow individual police forces to personalise their storage differently.
  • Custom sizing/locker combinations means storage meets differing needs.
  • Lockers come in a range of finishes and designs, including antibacterial finishes to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Storage is a major concern for all public services. As new policing minister, Kit Malthouse, recently stated in a BBC Radio interview:

“Modern police officers carry a lot of equipment and that all has to be stored somewhere overnight as they travel to and from their home. So finding locker space is going to be the key.”

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Your Workspace are a global supplier of lockers, based in the UK. Our many years experience include working with multiple police forces, the NHS and other public service providers. We offer an extensive range of storage products with mechanical, push-button, RFID and smart locks.