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The Best Storage Solutions for Your Educational Needs

School storage needs to offer both stylistic and functional benefits, so whether you’re looking for a wall of small personal lockers or kit-lockers for a sports facility, Your Workspace are here to help.

We have years of experience in providing educational facilities with the best storage furniture on the market, with our range of smart lockers all expertly designed, manufactured and installed with security in mind. Our school lockers are available in different sizes, styles and colours to fit in well with your existing interior scheme or to serve as a talking point.

Our Simplicity smart lockers can also help to ensure that not only is your educational setting is being kept as safe as possible for your staff and students, but that the data collected, when utilising our management software in conjunction with the smart lockers, can be used to gain greater visibility around the building and your facility as a whole.

Why Do You Need School Lockers?

School lockers are a great way of ensuring that staff, students and visitors can keep their personal items safe and secure. Our school lockers are available in a variety of styles, including columns of doored compartments, locker space suitable for hanging items of clothing and storage for smaller possessions including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Providing personal storage helps to reduce the risk of theft and loss in the educational environment, creating a more positive learning environment for pupils.


What Are the Benefits of Having School Lockers Installed?

By choosing the right school lockers for your educational facility you can improve your student and staff’s daily lives. Storage provision helps to reduce the back pain associated with carrying too much, which is particularly important when you’re still growing.

Our school lockers save valuable space in classrooms and other educational settings. By installing the correct amount of storage, the space is utilised well and users can store their belongings away for the day with confidence.

Rather than carrying heavy text books, PE and sports kits, and personal items from one classroom to the next – lockers can be used to keep classrooms and desks clear.

Our smart lockers can help to implement social distancing practises by ensuring lockers are allocated 2 meters apart, they can also be blocked for cleaning if required with full visibility around who has come into contact with a certain locker and surrounding lockers at a certain time, date and in what location.

How Safe Are the Lockers? 

The security of items stored in any school locker is dependent on the user, so it’s important that users understand that items are stored at their own risk.

Our school lockers are accessed with your building access card or fob, so it’s imperative that they’re always kept safe. If you use our Simplicity ReleezMe technology for school lockers, access can be removed by administrators at the touch of a button. Our software logs when lockers are opened and closed, so if a locker was accessed by a stolen card, CCTV footage could be used to cross-reference the event.

A software-based system means that facilities staff or caretakers don’t need to bring out the bolt-cutters when a student forgets their key. Physically changing locks takes time and money. Whereas, if you invest in our ReleezMe software, you can manage or grant access to lockers remotely. This reduces student distress and unnecessary travel across campus.

All of our locker products, including our school lockers, are built to last. Each locker has a strong and hard-wearing carcass with a sturdy door to match. Our storage is built to last and will continue to look good for years to come.


What Is the Installation Process of School Lockers?

The installation process varies depending on the scale of the job, and can take anything from a few hours to several days. It’s also important to bear in mind the locker and lock type, locker quantity, installers availability and the staff availability all play a part in the comprehensive installation process.

We manufacture anything from a few school lockers to large banks, so depending on the locker quantity, this can take the team a differing length of time to install. Our team of installers have vast industry experience installing bespoke storage in a whole range of working environments.

We work closely with clients throughout the project from start to finish, aiming to have the lockers fitted and ready for use by the desired deadline date. It’s important to us that we don’t disturb your students and staff, so if you prefer, we can arrange for the installation process to take place outside of school hours or over school holidays.


Design Service for School Lockers

If you are concerned about space, or would like some guidance on a locker design, our team of experts will be happy to visit you on location and conduct a site survey. We can take you through every step of the decision-making process, from sizes and compartments to colours and fittings, making sure that your lockers are designed with your requirements in mind.

Our lockers can be customised to fit with your decorative scheme, in a colour or wood that complements. You can add graphics and imagery to help communicate your school’s values, help students find their locker. Alternatively, ask us about white-board doors that allow your students to personalise their own storage space.

Sports lockers may have specific requirements. We can install lockers with hanging rails and shelves. You may want a water-resistant finish if you have a swimming pool, or holes to allow air to circulate around student clothing. Our team can accommodate these requirements.

Lastly, how about data security in schools? We manufacture smart pigeon holes. GDPR has made securing student data more important than ever. Private memos, mail and documents should only be seen viewed by the correct individuals. Our lockers can be made with scalloped edges or postal slots that make it simple for office staff to control access to sensitive materials. We can even create smart lockers for secure waste.


Bespoke and Custom Locker Solutions

We are leading manufacturers of high-tech lockers and office-based storage, with a commitment to delivering the best lockers in the UK. If you have any specific requirements or have a brief you would like worked to, please get in touch with Your Workspace and we would be more than happy to help.

Our durable, long-lasting school storage is built to last, with designs that are suitable to accommodate various storage requirements. We offer school locker options that are designed to withstand every day school use, designed to cope with all the repetitive opening and closing.

We have worked with a number of clients over the years, delivering lockers that are tailored to specific requirements and needs. The hard-working team of designers and installers here at Your Workspace are always on hand to provide to help and advice, continuously working to a high standard on projects across the world.


To find out more about our school locker services, please contact us today.