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Simplicity Lockers for Universities

University lockers need to stand up to lots of use and offer a stylish, space-savvy storage solution. Whether you are looking for storage for just a handful of students or are looking to install lockers across the whole campus, Your Workspace will be able to help you.

We have worked with a large number of higher education providers, and our lockers provide a safe and secure location for both students and university staff to store their possessions while they go about their day. Available in a wide number of different fits and finishes, our lockers are the ideal storage solution.

Why Install University Lockers?

Our Simplicity Lockers are the best way to ensure that residents, staff and visitors to a university campus have somewhere safe to store their personal belongings. You can choose from a wide variety of styles when you select us to install your lockers. These include columns of doored compartments, locker space that is tall enough to hang items of clothing, and secure storage that’s perfect for personal documents and electronic devices.

Having secure personal storage greatly reduces the chance of theft, and simply helps busy individuals to keep track of where their possessions are. Knowing where they left their belongings means that your students can plan their day that much better, making their lives as easy as possible.

Safer Than Mechanically-Secured Lockers

One question that we are asked a lot is how much safer our university lockers are. They are built using the latest technology such as integrated hinges, push-to-open doors and built-in intruder alarms. These make them a much secure option than lockers with mechanical locks – which are vulnerable to being picked or forced. When you introduce technology to the mix, you are adding another layer of protection.

Making Everyone’s Lives Easier

A university student can have a large number of different classes within a single day, and each of those classes could require different books and materials. Carrying everything that they need around with them will not only be physically tiring, but will lead to increased clutter and disruption in lectures and classes. That’s why it’s such a good idea to have university lockers available all over campus. Being able to just take what they need from a locker, when they need it, will make their studies so much more manageable – and will keep classrooms much tidier and free of clutter too.

Our university lockers are incredibly helpful for staff and lecturers too. Being able to keep their belongings in one place will allow them to keep their workstations free of clutter, and will help to maintain the smooth running of the university overall. If you have limited staff space to work with, don’t worry. We create lockers for spaces of all dimensions, and our extensive range of compartments and sizes means that we will be able to create a design that works for both the space and the staff working in it.

How Our University Lockers Can Be Used

Depending on who the lockers are being used by, you can opt for fixed or flexible use. Fixed use is when the same person uses the locker each day – and they will have a key, card or fob to gain entry to their locker.

Flexible use university lockers can be used by a different person each time – and the ReleezMe mobile app will help users to identify and secure a free locker in no time at all. Available on iOS and Android, the mobile app means no hunting around for keys or cards, with everything being right there at your fingertips.

What option you go for is really down to the needs of your students or university workforce – and a chat with us will help us to identify which is the right one for you.

Safer Storage Post COVID-19

Simplicity smart lockers can also be used to help keep students, staff and visitors safe post COVID-19.

Remote management

The contactless management function allows you to open, allocate, block lockers, and send students or teachers notifications from one single point of access. The software gives you the ability to manage more than one floor, across multiple campus’ all from one dedicated management hub.

Safer with Simplicity

Monitor who is using the lockers and keep a record of the date, time, locker number and locker location, in the event you need to notify other employees of a COVID related illness.

Single use and group tracking

You can set rules and allocate lockers on an individual basis, or in classes/year groups. Notifications can then be sent to groups should they need to be contacted. The educational setting can also use existing mobile apps directly to locker user’s phones, or, are able to send email notifications.

Social distancing policies

Establish practical layouts and designs by analysing the volume of students, staff and visitors using lockers in certain parts of the building. This will help you to implement social distancing policies throughout your setting.

How Safe Are Simplicity Lockers?

The security of our university lockers is dependent on the technology being used correctly and the person keeping their key, access card or fob safe at all times. If a locker becomes vacant due to a student or employee leaving, their access can be instantly revoked by using our Simplicity ReleezMe software.

The software used in our lockers logs each opening. This is very handy in the event of a stolen card and property theft, as you could cross reference the time the locker was opened with any CCTV footage to get to the bottom of the matter right away. Our software can also be set up to notify the account administrators of any incidents too. So it gives you much greater peace of mind. Of course, an individual always leaves their possessions in a locker at their own risk.

Parcel Lockers for Universities

Students are some of the most prolific online shoppers. Save your students and staff hassle by setting up MYPUP locker banks on campus or in your halls of residence.

University mail-rooms are a busy place. Increasing numbers of staff and student packages being delivered puts ever-increasing pressure on facilities management staff.  Rather than employing more full-time employees, perhaps a parcel locker solution could help manage the process?

Our MYPUP (My pick-up-point) lockers solution can help you to better manage deliveries to campus. MYPUP lockers offer a trackable storage solution for parcels, ensuring they’re kept safe and secure while waiting for collection. This frees up your staff to complete other tasks that add more value to the university.

Call for Efficient Locker Installation

In a busy environment such as a university, you’ll want to have your new lockers ready for use right away.

You can count on our team working as quickly as they can. They are very experienced and have all the tools to perform their jobs efficiently. If you want to avoid too much disruption while students are present, then it can be arranged for our team to install your lockers outside of term time. Just give us a call, and we will come to the perfect arrangement for you.