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supporting agile working
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Embracing new ways of working in our rapidly evolving business world.

Increasingly for many work is an activity rather than a place. This no longer means being tied to a desk or even an office. Telecommunications technology in recent years has enabled agile working, increasing the opportunity for work anywhere both within the office and remotely from it.

Smart lockers in office

Spaceless growth is typically associated with expanding organisations wishing to contain growth within the confines of their existing office, has seen desk sizes reduced and occupation of space shared through agile working strategies. In today’s technology-enabled offices there is now great potential to optimise space by growing capacity not only in terms of more workstations per square metre, but also more people per workstation.

Deploying smart furniture such as Simplicity storage that can either be programmed to operate dynamically where storage is unassigned to individuals; or in fixed mode where storage is assigned permanently to an individual. This means that space utilisation can be dramatically improved and the loss of under desk personal storage addressed. Furthermore with the real time access and utilisation reports from the storage management system organisations are provided clear insight into patterns of utilisation that can be further used to justify space allocation in future. Wasted space becomes a thing of the past and using smart storage reduces the number of redundant lockers – meaning that space can be used for other functions.