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5 Ways That Contactless Lockers Will Benefit Your Business


The traditional workplace has been forced to evolve significantly in the last year. With the world still a little off-kilter, it’s clear that we must continue to embrace the new normal; the hybrid workplace is a huge part of that, as is the role played by contactless lockers within that. Businesses are taking things day-by-day, but having seen the success of remote working, the agile workplace is certainly a system that many employers are beginning to implement. Having scheduled work-from-home days, with the option to come into the workplace is a strategy that many employers are weaving into company protocol, giving employees a sustainable working option, moving forward.

As we learn more about what the new normal looks like, in reality, it’s paramount that the right changes are made now. With many businesses keen for success and growth after an inevitable lull, implementing future-proof strategies that can promote and stimulate business growth will get you ahead of the game. Making sure that the office layout is safe, post-COVID, is fundamental to that; installing contactless lockers is one of the best options you can give your staff.


1. Increased Productivity


Businesses are recognising the importance of allowing greater flexibility to their employees in order to be rewarded with staff loyalty and retention, along with increased productivity. There are many ways in which employers can change the workplace culture but understanding the importance of making physical changes to the actual workplace is now more essential than ever.

Contactless lockers don’t just provide top-of-the-range security, but they’re a form of flexible storage in modern office environments, as well. Once the staff member is assigned the locker, only they can access it via key card or mobile app, increasing the level of storage security but also limiting the risk of contamination. In turn, staff can have ultimate peace of mind; they’ll know that their belongings are safe and sanitised whilst at work, without the risk of contamination.

Furthermore, our bespoke service means that we can design your storage around your business requirements. This can open up extra office space for educational activities, important meetings or team training days, in the future. We can help to ensure that available space is being utilised to its full potential, giving employees a comfortable working environment when in the office.


2. Hot-Desking Solution


For many businesses, hot-desking was already becoming popular prior to the pandemic. Now, however, that statistic has skyrocketed. For those days when employees need to be in the office, it’s much easier and more affordable to implement a hot-desking policy in the workplace. Depending on the criteria, your staff may be given days that they’re allocated a desk in the office, or have the opportunity to book one in advance to meet their working requirements.

Without a permanent desk, employees will need somewhere to store their personal property, including stationery and office equipment that would usually be kept at the designated desk. Contactless lockers provide a simple solution; teams can secure belongings during the working day and continue to support government guidelines.


3. Static Flexibility


Simplicity lockers also offer flexibility in static-desk environments, too. In this ever-changing digital age, the number of devices employees must have access to is increasing. Having safe and secure storage in which staff can store these expensive company tools is invaluable, therefore.

Additionally, employees may need to bring with them personal belongings, like a change of clothes for after work. Instead of storing possessions for these activities under their desks or in a communal area where security and sanitation cannot be assured, contactless lockers are a beneficial solution.


4. Varied Facility Storage Options


Our contactless lockers can be used for a number of office solutions, including shared facility storage for your business. It could be that you need a little extra storage for spare laptops or stationery, or perhaps you’re looking for secure means to house confidential files and documents in. Whatever the demand, our smart storage can be tailored around your business needs.


5. Sustainable and Safe


Our facilities can be used with individual access cards. Alternatively, they can be used via the mobile app on your smartphone, which will only release the lock when activated. In terms of running costs, new smart lockers are incredibly energy-efficient in comparison to traditional battery-operated systems. In fact, organisations can make energy savings of up to 80% when compared with mains-operated units.

Additionally, because Simplicity lockers are so flexible, you’ll never end up paying for storage you don’t need. As your storage needs change, the ReleezMe locker management software allows you to see how exactly your storage is being used. Using that information, you can repurpose an existing locker or locker bank. Change the ownership of a single locker and switch storage from individual to shared use. Keeping your existing storage means that over time, you’ll need to use fewer resources.

Our contactless lockers can help companies to ensure social distancing with the automated locker allocation function. Lockers can be assigned 2 metres apart and blocked after use. Depending on your settings, a notification can then be sent to the facilities management team for cleaning. The integrated software allows remote management from a centrally controlled hub. It gives full visibility in terms of locker usage, and you can also book a locker remotely via the mobile app, to ensure that there are not too many people in a certain part of the building at any one time. Furthermore, our lockers can also be manufactured using antibacterial finishes to help combat viral spread.


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These are just a few ways in which contactless lockers can benefit any business or industry. Whilst we are adjusting to this new working environment, as an employer, it is paramount that you are taking the necessary steps to keep you staff and consequently, your business safe. Purchasing smart lockers, not only indicates this to the highest degree, but they are a flexible and future-proof ROI.

If you’d like more information on the services we offer, contact us here. Our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions you have! Why not check out Your Workspace’s Instagram page, as well?

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