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Cycling – The New Trend Currently Taking Over Our Daily Commute


Figures from the Office for National Statistics found 44% of working adults in Britain travelled to their place of work at least once in the last seven days – up from 41% the previous week. With many people now returning to work after the COVID-19 crisis; travelling on public transport is a risk some people would rather not take if possible.

1.3 million UK consumers have bought a bike since the beginning of April according to an article by Bikebiz. The government are actively encouraging members of the public to cycle to work, whilst local councils are helping commuters plan their journey by providing maps showing dedicated paths and cycle routes.

Workplaces are looking at ways in which they can support their staff by providing adequate end-of-journey facilities, such as lockers for employees to store their helmets, change of clothes and even fold-up bikes until the end of the day. If an employee chooses to cycle, run, or walk to work, Simplicity has the solution.

Our Simplicity smart lockers can offer workplaces a safe and secure storage solution they are looking for. Using the latest Vecos software and our integrated mobile app; the lockers can be reserved in advance before you even start your journey. You can access your designated locker using your company building access card or using the mobile app on your smart phone.

The integrated technology allows management teams to control the lockers remotely, so they can assign lockers to certain teams, set rules around the duration a locker can be used for and even block or release a locker from one single point of access if required.

With all of our lockers being manufactured in the UK, our smart lockers are not just secure, but durable and flexible, knowing you’ll have a safe place for your employees to store their belongings ready to start their end of day commute.

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