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Get More from Your Storage with Effective Data Utilisation


Data is so important in today’s working world. All businesses rely on some form of data to help make informed decisions. As the world becomes ‘smarter’ and more connected, data is becoming the key to competitive advantage and business growth.

Simplicity smart lockers, using the latest Vecos software, makes utilising data simple. The technology captures important information that can be applied to save a company time, money, space, and resources.

Below are some examples of the ways in which Simplicity smart lockers can help you get the most out of your storage and, the ways in which you can use the data captured to ensure your investments continue to work for you:


Better Building Analysis


Intuitive user-friendly software provides management teams with full visibility of locker usage. You can see how often your lockers are being used, by whom and, at what capacity, to ascertain if the facilities are being used efficiently.

Our client data shows that although 95% of all available lockers are always occupied, 30% are only accessed on a regular basis. To combat this issue, the system can be managed remotely using fixed rules to state how long certain lockers can be used for by different user types. Email notifications and reminders can be sent to users who are ‘out staying’ their welcome in a locker and will politely ask them to vacate the locker so that others can access it. This alert management system using real-time user data, ensures the facilities are being used effectively and to full capacity. A team who work more remotely for example, as opposed to a team who are permanently office based, may be set different rules on how long a locker can be used for. Alternatively, you can also block lockers and release lockers remotely to get the most out of your storage space.

By collecting data on how the lockers are being used, Simplicity can help you analyse if your building and workspace on the whole are being utilised efficiently. One suite of lockers may be used more regularly with higher volumes of access, compared to another suite of lockers on a different floor for example. This may highlight that an entire locker system or a percentage of lockers need be re-allocated elsewhere within the company, which, can ultimately free up floor space for another business use or highlight the need to dissolve the area entirely.


Safer with Simplicity


Data collected via the lockers can help to satisfy post Covid-19 concerns. For example, a notification can be sent to the management team advising them once a locker has been used. The locker can then be blocked and cleaned ready for the next user.

The lockers, utilising real-time user data, can be set-up to ensure lockers are allocated to adhere to social distancing guidelines also. Lockers will only be made available that are 2 metres away from another active locker.


A Functional And Flexible System


Simplicity locker systems can be assigned to different user/locker groups according to department and job role and, can give users varying levels of restrictions.

The data collected from each suite of lockers can highlight any ownership issues, and new employee requirements can be satisfied, offering a truly frictionless storage system.

Locker assignments can be set one way initially, and then adjusted in the future based on the data collected, and the changing requirements of the business. Simplicity is a versatile storage system that evolves with the needs of an organisation and has been designed with flexibility in mind. The data collected using The Vecos software can help management teams establish practical workplace layouts and office designs by analysing the volume of people using lockers in certain parts of the building. This is particularly useful for social distancing arrangements in light of the latest Covid-19 crisis.


Integrated Software That Supports Remote Reporting


With no geographical boundaries, Simplicity offers full remote management of all lockers using a single platform, making data collation quicker and easier. The system can be set-up with rules, so that different user types can gain access to different levels of data and reporting tools, which, may vary depending on their job role and position within the company.

The remote software can be integrated with your existing/new platforms, or, workplace app to ensure that you are utilising any existing infrastructures already in place.

Other data reports that can be generated remotely and have not been aforementioned include:

  • Blocked Lockers
  • Installed Locker Banks
  • Locker Bank Interaction Over Time
  • Locker Bank Occupancy
  • Locker Bank Occupancy Over Time
  • Locker Users
  • Locker User Trends
  • Used and Not Opened Lockers
  • Service Events


Tried and Tested


Simplicity smart lockers can be tested across a small area in your business using our ‘Proof of Concept’ scheme. The lockers can be set-up across one or several locations, and can be integrated to adapt to your company environment and culture. This gives the end user the chance to see how Simplicity can transform their business and, prove that you can really get more from your storage with effective data utilisation.

We can help you do this.

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