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Go Smart from the Start of 2022


We are all familiar with the saying, start as you mean to go on, but Your Workspace have embraced this philosophy, and truly believe that ‘smart from the start’ is the key to getting your workplace future ready. What better time to embrace a smarter way of working than at the start of a new year?

Over the past 2 years, we have seen many companies introduce a hybrid way of working to successfully navigate the on-going pandemic.

The whole world is turning smart, be it in your professional or personal life, so in order to stay ahead in the industry and give your employees a better working experience, it is important to keep abreast of workplace trends.

Smart lockers are the future, and the future is now. But why should you invest in smarter workplace technologies? Here’s why:


Supporting Flexibility

As aforementioned, businesses have been forced to change the way they work as a result of the pandemic, a change that many would argue is for the better. In order to support new flexible ways of working, traditional office environments are no longer fit for purpose. With most employees visiting the office just 2/3 days a week and choosing to either work from home or another location, workplace facilities now need to be modular, versatile and multi-use. With Simplicity, you can re-configure and re-assign a smart locker at the drop of a hat to cater to workplace changes and guidelines set by the government. This flexibility with ensure employees can not only do their best work when they come to the office but will provide a better return on investment for businesses when facilities are multi-functional and re-configurable.  Gone are the days of a static desk, chair and pedestal, it’s all about collaboration zones, neighbours and hybrid working stations. When you combine this type of workplace environment with smart technology, the benefits are almost endless.


The Need for Speed

Time, something we all need more of in our day to day lives. Smart lockers will give all users and management teams more time in their working day to focus on more important tasks.


No more time will be spent trying to find misplaced locker keys, remembering a combination code, or travelling across the building at the start, end and during the day to deposit and retrieve items from your locker. Assign yourself a locker on your commute or before you leave the house in the environment where you choose to work that day. Access your smart locker using the free mobile app or use your building access card in one quick and seamless interaction.


Teams will no longer need to deal with locker access issues, and can even assign, open and block a locker remotely from one central hub across multiple floors, locations and even countries.


A Match Made in Smart Tech Heaven

Many companies are already using smart workplace apps and building management systems, but luckily for these companies our Simplicity smart locker software can be integrated with existing software. It is important that data all comes together in one easy to read system that can be analysed later to make important business decisions based on real-time facts and figures.

The value of combining workplace intelligence is invaluable. Employees can access everything from the palm of their hand in one easy to use application and management teams have access to real-time data.


Make Your New Years Resolution a Smart One

The benefits smart technology can offer any company are not just limited to the above, businesses can save space and corporate real-estate costs as our smart lockers operate on a lower locker to use ratio and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to battery operated lockers.

Simplicity smart lockers never stand still. We are continuously making improvements and upgrades to the smart locker software to match the evolving needs of our clients and to cater to changing workplace trends.

If you’ve decided you would like to go smart from the start of 2022, get in touch!




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