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How Smart Lockers Can Help with Retaining Top Talent


High employee turnover has a negative impact on a business across the board. The morale of remaining staff is diminished, productivity is reduced, it is incredibly time consuming to train new staff and the recruitment process is expensive. In fact, according to some of our clients, we have learnt that training a new employee can cost between 1% and 2.5% of a business’ total yearly revenue.

But fret not, Your Workspace understand why it’s so important to retain top talent and can offer insight on how a company can do this, the smart way!

Following the pandemic, organisations are expected to give their employees an exceptional workplace experience, as well as develop their remote working policies alongside their smart technology infrastructure to meet new employee demands. If this does not happen, existing staff may look and gain employment elsewhere with a company that offers a better working environment.

Employees returning to the workplace, even in a hybrid capacity, will have uncompromising workplace expectations and will want access to the best workplace technology that allows them to thrive and produce their best work.

Personal storage needs to be made available at various locations around the building and across different floors. This will give employees the freedom to choose where and how they work once in the office, as opposed to being forced to work in the space that their static locker is situated.

If locker storage is managed correctly, it can quickly become a game changer when it comes to supporting a hybrid workplace where different roles within the company have different storage needs. If not managed correctly however, it can quickly put-up barriers between offering employees an exceptional workplace experience, one that enhances productivity and well-being, and a less engaging and dynamic workplace which effectively encourages employees to jump ship.

The Smart Technology – a Seamless Integration

Our Simplicity smart locker solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with building management systems and workplace apps to everyone’s benefit. Users can reserve and release a locker on the go, and management teams gain full visibility around locker occupancy and locker usage to maximise storage efficiency.

The data generated from each locker door helps business leaders to make companywide decisions around real estate and office layout based on real-time facts and figures.

A Space That Works for Employees

When workplaces offer flexible workplace facilities, it has been proven to boost morale and increase productivity as employees no longer feel ‘trapped’ to one fixed working environment. We are all individuals and have different workplace needs, so this should be reflected in the workplace design and locker facilities also. Time is not wasted travelling around the building to retrieve items in a locker, and no time is lost looking for misplaced keys or trying to remember combination codes. Addressing locker access issues is almost eradicated which ultimate helps to keep employees happy by taking away menial day to day workplace stresses.

Investing in staff satisfaction and retaining your employees is about creating spaces that improve the day-to-day office experience. When everyone feels supported in the office, are given the freedom to work where they want and have access to the latest smart workplace technology, staff may be less inclined to go looking for a different role elsewhere.

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