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Is Your Workplace Future-Ready!


After the last 12 months of uncertainty in the workplace, it is now time to respond and act. Business leaders and facilities management teams are already reappraising the role of the workplace in their organisation to ensure that they are prepared for a post pandemic environment.

But as we can’t see what the future holds, how can you possibly future proof your workplace?

The Leesman Index is the world’s foremost employee workplace experience assessment benchmark. The company strive to get the answers we all seek through data and gain real insight into the issues affecting companies around the globe and possible workplace solutions.

Your Workspace recently attended the latest Leesman Index Webinar to discuss how we move forward and prepare for the ‘return to the workplace’. The latest review saw over 580 workplaces take part from 61 countries around the world. This was their biggest online survey to date.

We have summarised their findings below:




Put employee purpose first.

Future-ready organisations know their workplace why. They’re not simply grabbing the latest trending statistics for ‘preferred days in the office’ and masquerading it as a strategic plan. Instead, led by evidence, they have defined the role the workplace plays in supporting their wider organisational and individual employee purpose.

By choosing to put people before place will help companies implement their return-to-work strategy and decide who comes back to the office when and, in what capacity.




Go big or they will stay at home

An alarming fact, but the average space designed for living supports the average employee better than the average space designed for working. Future-ready organisations understand it’s not what a workplace looks like, but how it works, that matters more.

The best workplaces are carefully designed to cater to the needs of their users. These brilliant workplaces will draw willing employees back. Sub-optimal spaces will act to discourage employees who work better at home.




Do it now, and with urgency

Employees have spent the best part of a full year working remotely, repurposing corners of their homes into highly effective workplace environments. They have seen the future of a digitally connected workplace with minimal boundaries. Some are keen to return, some not. But you owe it to both to be ahead of the game.

Future-ready organisations returning employees to offices must acknowledge the lessons learned and repurpose their workplaces for a new fluid and collaborative way of working.  Act on those lessons and don’t forget them.


Get your workplace future-ready the smart way! 


The future won’t wait. It’s happening, now!

Use what you’ve learned from 2020. Understand that workstyles and behaviours have shifted. Recognise that your employees have adapted at home – and they expect you to have done the same. Can you answer the questions the future is posing to you and your organisation? We can help you test your future-readiness with our Simplicity smart lockers.

Our Simplicity smart lockers are the perfect addition to help future-ready your workplace. Simplicity is built on data and flexibility. The integrated software located within each locker unit helps to monitor usage, occupancy and also notifies cleaning teams when a locker has been accessed and needs to be sanitised.

The modular and flexible nature of Simplicity is imperative in today’s working world. You can re-locate and re-assign a Simplicity smart locker at the drop of a hat; this helps to cater to workplace changes and guidelines set by the government.

More companies are adapting to an agile or hybrid working model. With a greater number of people now working remotely and from home, visiting the office maybe 2/3 days a week, facilities need to be multi-use and multi-functional, yet safe and sanitary, to ensure businesses are getting a return on an investment from facilities that may not be used as frequently.

We have also recently developed many COVID safe features and functions such as being able to allocate the lockers to adhere to social distancing measures, and aforementioned our latest ‘Simplicity Cleaning’ protocol.


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Find out how we can help future-ready your workplace with our Simplicity smart lockers and other smart storage solutions.

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