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How Smart Office Solutions Can Benefit Law and Accountancy Firms


Financial and legal sectors are competitive industries that draw many parallels. In positions of such high responsibility, it’s important that the day-to-day running of the office is almost like clockwork. Both law and accountancy practices are under strict confidentiality regulations and any security breach could have serious consequences. Office equipment must be reliable, so not to interfere with the unpredictable nature of the industry. Assisting the general public with finances, or advising under the legal system are high pressure, diverse roles and consistency is key to achieving success.

Like many in the public sector, both law and accountancy firms are under increasing pressure to provide cost-effective, accurate and fast services. The market is more competitive than ever and with this in mind, it’s important to implement futureproof changes now in order to succeed and become a cut above the competition. Smart office solutions are a step in the right direction. Simplicity Smart Lockers (by Your Workspace) are a tool that these sectors can use to their advantage. Not only do they allow employees to carry out their job with optimum efficiency but can positively impact client satisfaction rates, as a result of the impeccable service received.


Embracing the Digital Expansion


In an ever-expanding digital age, there’s no getting away from the fact that most businesses are adapting technologically. In most cases, documentation should be filed and stored away, but the likelihood of losing important information is increased when there is a large physical volume of it. Where reams of paperwork once were, is now an array of personal devices for each associate.

Instead of stacking boxes full of documents in the workplace, digital conversion is now becoming increasingly common. As knowledge of cloud-based storage grows, the transition to digital storage will only continue to incline. Cloud computing isn’t just limited to data storage, either. It offers the ability to quickly share and analyse relevant documentation with clients or colleagues. Businesses have acknowledged that this advance is more cost effective and can increase employee efficiency and productivity.

As we continue to embrace the capability of technology, the rate of confidential and personal files stored on each device will multiply. Secure smart office solutions are more principal than ever before. Simplicity Lockers use innovative technology to ensure that lockers are only accessed by the designated cardholder, providing a secure and safe unit to store company devices.


Confidential Document Storage


Although technological processes are being utilised more, there are some cases where physical documentation will have to be retained. Original attestation is fundamental to have in the event that a case or query re-opens at some indeterminate point in the future. Processing legal and financial documents can be time consuming, so to help improve the pace of the process and maintain the standard of work, the files must be readily available. In these instances, smart office solutions become a huge advantage to a law or accountancy firm.

Often, these sectors deal with documentation that need to be accessed monthly or quarterly. In which case, they do not need to be taking up valuable space. Usually, office space is not disposable and huge amounts of paperwork stored in piles upon piles of boxes only clutter and minimise productivity. Knowing that important documents, that can’t be transferred digitally, are stored safely, means that staff can focus on other tasks throughout the day. Simplicity lockers can provide a swift, secure storage and retrieval of essential physical files.


Experts in The Field


Ultimate efficiency dictates good customer service and therefore, promotes client satisfaction. To succeed and grow in tough economic times, your business must be seen as experts in the field. The aim is for your business to be recognised as the go-to firm to resolve any legal or financial problems. If a client receives good service, then they are likely to return and recommend you. Smart office solutions can aid the smooth running of the day to day business. They enable employees to contribute to more urgent and pressing matters, should they appear. In such a fast-paced environment, circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. Having a reputation in which optimum time will be given to any task ahead, therefore, promotes peace of mind in both staff and clientele.


Confidential, Cost-Effective and Custom Made


Our smart office solutions can offer a secure and cost-effective solution for not only confidential documentation and private devices, but also for staff personal belongings. Our smart storage ensures that items are safe and secure for as long as you need them kept. Furthermore, optimum office space can be achieved, allowing more business opportunities, educational activities and training.

Utilising Vecos smart technology ensures safe and secure storage. Users can gain quick access to specific units via a personal key card. Alternatively, they can go contactless via the app on a mobile device. All technological services can be controlled from the internal management hub. Additionally, we offer a completely bespoke service. Within this, we can help to design and manufacture storage that is tailored around your specific office requirements. Consequently, you’ll save on valuable time and money by investing in a service that is future-proof and accustomed to your business needs.


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In any law or accountancy firm, ultimate security and efficiency should be at the heart of your smart office solutions. If you’d like more information on how Simplicity Lockers could be beneficial to your business, contact us here. Our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions you have!

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