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Redefining the Workplace, Starting with Basement Lockers


As employees continue to flock back to the office in a hybrid capacity; redefining the workplace is still one of the hottest topics in our industry. It is important to get it right when it comes to workplace design, employee facilities and company culture as, let’s face it, why would people want to come back to the office when they can work quite effectively from the comfort of their own home in their slippers, without having to tackle the daily commute.

We aren’t saying that basement lockers are the pivotal point of any office, but by starting from the bottom and working your way up, this will help businesses get it right when it comes to offering their employees the latest smart workplace facilities and redefining the workplace as a whole. It’s just as much about what basement lockers represent as well as what they can offer. But before we go any further, let’s explain what basement lockers are!

Basement lockers, or as they are sometimes referred to as ‘end-of trip facilities’, offer exactly what it says on the tin. They are effectively lockers that are located in the basement of a corporate building which serve as a secure storage facility in a changing room for a gym or shower room for example.

It’s as Much About Company Culture as it is the Lockers Themselves

It has been proven that employees who exercise are more productive and less likely to suffer fatigue and burnout. One way to encourage workplace fitness is by including a workplace gym with subsequent smart lockers to safely store personal belongings during workouts.

One of the simplest methods for employers to promote healthy “life skills” is to make it easier for workers to ride their bicycles or walk to work and exercise during breaks. Providing shower facilities at the office can encourage employees to move more and incorporate fitness into their daily routines.

The Benefits of Basement Lockers

These types of smart lockers are designed for those who choose healthier and more sustainable methods of transportation for their commute, or who choose to use the workplace gym, before work, during their lunch break or at the end of the working day. They may also be needed in staff changing rooms, where employees need to put on a uniform each day, or if staff travel to work in trainers and want to change their shoes when they get to the office. Basement lockers are designed with flexibility in mind. They are multi-use, can be reserved and accessed from the convenience of the free to download smart locker app, and can safely store items such as clothes, bags, and shoes, making the transition between travel, home and work a better experience for all.

Our smart basement lockers also come complete with USB charging ports inside each locker as standard, so that users can charge their devices at the same time.

Get the Look

Z lockers are one of our most popular design styles when it comes to basement lockers. They combine a traditional locker unit with an integrated coat hook or clothes rail for hanging coats or suit jackets. With a whole range of materials, finishes and textures to choose from, you can get the look you want, as well as providing employees with the latest and most innovative locker technology on the market which will help to redefine the workplace.

Get in touch to speak with a dedicated member of our smart workplace team who can help you decide what smart basement locker system is right for you and your employees.


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