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Time, something we can’t control and something we all want a little more of. While we haven’t invented a time machine that will allow you to travel back to find out last week’s lottery numbers, we have created a smart storage system that will free up a lot of time spent managing and accessing a locker whilst at work.


Here are five time saving benefits that come with introducing a Simplicity smart locker system into your office or workplace:


1. No need to manually check to see what lockers are being used when and by whom. Simplicity offers full traceable visibility around usage and can advise management teams if a locker has been blocked or has been ‘hogged’ just by accessing the easy-to-use management dashboard.

2. Replacing lost lockers keys and addressing access issues will be a thing of the past. Simplicity smart lockers can be managed remotely, and the locks located in each locker door are mains operated. Users can access a locker using either a smart phone, via the control panel, or by tapping their ID badges or building access card against the locker door.      

3. Pre-set notifications can be sent to users instantly reminding staff that their locker is due to expire for example. The days of sending hundreds of manual emails will be over and replaced with a more manageable automated system.



4. You can access a Simplicity smart locker on your commute or before you even leave your home, all via the free smart phone app. Reserve your locker before you get to the workplace so that you can store your belongings securely and get on with having an awesome day.

5. Our lockers offer ultimate flexibility, so that you can reserve a locker in one part of the building, release the locker back into the system and then reserve a locker in another. No more travelling back and forth to ‘your’ allocated locker. Choose a locker in the location you are in and adopt a truly hybrid way of working.

These are just some of the ways our Simplicity smart lockers are helping businesses and users save valuable time that, in today’s fast paced world, we all simply don’t have enough of.


Get in touch today to find out what other benefits our award-winning Simplicity smart lockers can offer you and your company!



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