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Simplicity Smart Lockers: The Key to Asset Management


In many companies, employees use expensive devices that enable them to do their jobs more accurately and efficiently. Equipment including iPads, smartphones and laptops are often loaned to employees.  Distributing and managing the loan of these devices can become a drain on your time and resources. Smart lockers however can help to alleviate that burden.

Here are four reasons smart lockers may be the solution to your asset management challenges:




Manual device management is time consuming and labour intensive. Management teams often manually issue devices and record each item — either on paper or a spreadsheet — with the name of the employee, a description or serial number of the device and the date that the item was taken out. Depending on the size of the workforce and how many devices are issued at the beginning and returned at the end of a shift, this can be a full-time job. It may also be a system prone to error and following up returns and collections can be just as time consuming.

Automating the process with smart lockers frees up time to spend time on other activities and minimizes mistakes. Smart lockers, such as those manufactured by Your Workspace, also come with USB charging ports inside as standard. This means that devices can be fully charged, ready for the next user.




Smart lockers can be located where they make the most sense, rather than near the issuing manager. This can eliminate employees wasting time, and they can pick-up their items at a central point of access at a time that is most convenient to them.


Cost of Ownership


If you’ve got an unattended workstation where employees have access to devices, there’s no accountability when a device is missing or damaged. Many company assets are high-cost items, with no accountability, this could create further issues if an item is lost, misplaced, or stolen.




Smart lockers offer full visibility regarding usage. When a locker is accessed and an item removed, the data is recorded and sent instantly to a management dashboard. What’s more, this is all done in real-time.


How do Simplicity Asset Management lockers work?


  1. Our Simplicity asset management lockers are used alongside the integrated technology and software.
  2. After assigning the recipient a locker you can place the company asset inside.
  3. Once the locker has been closed, a notification and a unique code will be sent to the relevant member of staff. This is done via an email or SMS; the staff member can then access the locker at a time that is convenient for them.
  4. The software can also be programmed to send reminders if items aren’t collected within a set time-period.

Device management can be challenging at the best of times. As technology advances become more common within the workplace, so too will the associated drain on time in the form of device management. The time it takes, for instance, to manually issue devices, manage battery charging and to track missing items, the task is likely to become even more time-consuming.

Our smart asset management lockers can fully integrate with exciting building management systems. They can also be managed remotely from a single location.


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