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Smart Lockers for Offices Can Support a Hybrid Workforce


The workplace has turned hybrid, but the only way to truly embrace this new working style is to get workplace facilities to match.

The shift to hybrid working has allowed companies to realise that work can ‘get done’ from anywhere, not just in the office. The ultimate hybrid workplace provides employees with flexibility, seamless collaboration, and the latest technology base workplace facilities. While these benefits are clear to see, the shift has bought workplace challenges to Facilities and Workplace Management Teams.

According to a survey completed by Webex.com, work will never be the same again. 57% of employees are expected to be in the office 10 days or less each month, 98% of staff believe that future meetings will include at least one remote participant, and 97% of people want changes made to their office environment to make it a better place to work when they do come into the office.

When much of the workforce is out of the office most of the time, with many people visiting the office just 1 or 2 days per week, it is hard for facilities teams to manage the space to ensure that it is still being used effectively. To do this, it is imperative to gain visibility and insights on who is using what facilities, in what are of the building, and when.

Simplicity smart lockers for offices offer management teams real-time utilisation insights to understand how regular workspaces are being used, and then gives them the ability to break down the types of users that are accessing the lockers.

Your Workspace have categorised these user types into the following groups:

The Homemaker

If a locker is being used regularly, every day, meaning you are permanently office based, we call this user type a homemaker.

The Camper

A locker user accesses their lockers 2-3 days a week and then leaves the business to work elsewhere, from home or another office for example.

The Nomad

This user type rarely accesses a locker, and visits the office just a few times a month, working remotely most of the time.

Just Storage

Some lockers can be assigned purely for storage purposes and accessed as and when items need to be used or removed.

Our smart lockers for offices are the perfect solution to helping support a hybrid workforce, as the flexible nature of Simplicity means that business rules can be pre-set to cater to the differing needs of each user type. These rules can then be flexed and changed as the business grows and the needs of the business evolve.

What user category do you fit into? Are you a homemaker, a camper, or a nomad? Or maybe a combination of all three depending on your role at different times of the year.

No matter what your requirements for smart lockers for offices are, or how many user types you have across your business; Simplicity has it covered.

Get in touch with one of our smart workplace experts today, who can tailor a smart storage solution that’s right for your company.



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