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Smart Storage Solutions – Adapting Post Covid-19


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As a company you need to be thinking how the current and post Covid-19 situation impacts the workplace and what your business needs to be doing to make your environment as safe as possible, whilst trying to remain functional – we can help you with that, as we are helping businesses globally.

You now have the additional responsibility to make sure that your office environment can protect your employees, as it is crucial now more than ever that they feel safe whilst they are in the workplace.

Apart from the immediate adaptions being provided by many companies e.g. sanitizers, signage, acrylic screens etc., companies are now looking further ahead to adapt to new ways of working for the medium and long-term and this is where we come in – offering unique storage solutions to protect you and your employees, whilst providing cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Companies across the board are re-configuring their workspace and finding that in so doing, they will benefit from our smart locker management system one that can keep up with the changing environment. Working in open-space offices means that employees must be able to easily secure their personal items. And when employees work in various places around a building, it is important that they have storage space close to their temporary workplace.

How can our range of Simplicity Lockers help you?

The Simplicity smart lockers software has been in development for more than 20 years, ensuring that companies can make optimal use of their workplace. The software is intuitive, easy to use, time-saving and means less hassle for facilities management teams:

  • New: 2m Distancing – Lockers can be set to automatically direct users to specific lockers, ensuring they keep to the Government’s distancing restrictions.
  • Facility managers don’t need to be physically present to manage the lockers.
  • Assign employees fixed, shared and flexible lockers at a touch of a button.
  • Enable crowd management.
  • Simplicity lockers are self-service, employees can operate their locker using their phone.
  • Notifications can be set to remind users they need to release their locker.

This technology fits well with modern workplace strategies such as agile or activity related working. With our software, we support companies in their transformation to a new working style.

How easy is it to set up distancing rules?

Using the Vecos software to set locker assignment rules is very simple, as suggested in the video clip below:

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We have successfully installed our Simplicity lockers into organisations covering all market sectors in the UK and across the globe. Our clients will now be able to see the additional benefit of software additions that support a distanced workplace after Covid-19.

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