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Sustainability is The Future of the Furniture Industry


Your Workspace are dedicated to minimising the impact our business has on the planet and are passionate about making a real difference in the fight to combat climate change.

Our current range of products are already manufactured using sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials, but we wanted to go one step further.

In order to achieve our environmental and sustainability goals, changes are needed at every level, from the way we design our products, to the materials we choose to use in the manufacturing process, and the way that items are packaged and dispatched to clients. Sustainability is the future of the furniture industry and here are just some of the ways you can adapt your working practises to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything you do.

The Design Process

It is imperative to design and manufacture products with the planet in mind, so that you can offer your clients and customers an eco-conscious product. Your Workspace have done this. For example, our Simplicity smart lockers have been designed with material efficiency in mind, therefore our lockers operate on a lower locker to user ratio. This ensures less lockers are needed per business, which in turn, means less raw materials are being used to make our product which reduces the carbon footprint of the company.


It is important for business to constantly review existing systems to make them more streamlined and more efficient. This can be achieved by selecting environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced raw materials and choosing materials that are kinder to the planet. Companies can also make changes to their current supply chain but using eco-friendly modes of transport to collect materials and distribute items to customers.


Exploring the use of recyclable or recycled packaging can make a huge impact on the environment. As opposed to plastics – Your Workspace use blankets to protect products in transit. These are able to be used and re-used hundreds of times as opposed to single use plastics.

Sourcing Materials

The materials used during the manufacture of furniture items can make a huge difference to sustainability. Your Workspace’s main MFC supplier is EGGER who have the welfare of the planet at the heart of their company ethos. We are however looking at new and pioneering suppliers who are bringing alternative materials to the market such a using recycled Fibreglass or eco-boards made from straw and hay.

The Supply Chain

Every aspect of a manufacturing business has the potential to become more environmentally friendly including the supply chain.
More and more companies are setting sustainable business goals. Some are even going so far as to select suppliers based on their environmental performance. Sourcing products in a way that’s kinder to the environment is becoming a clear objective for businesses and those furniture suppliers who are yet to adopt these practices are being left behind as consumer buying habits and preferences change.

A Circular Economy

A factor that businesses are now considering is what happens to the furniture product at the end of its natural lifecycle. A focus on innovation and ‘green’ design allows furniture to now be re-purposed, restored, upcycled and re-configured to increase the lifespan of a product. It is important to adapt to a circular economy and look at implementing new initiatives such as buyback schemes, as well as manufacturing furniture that can be re-used and re-located for use in other parts of a business or community.

Sustainability is the future of the furniture industry, and Your Workspace are committed to being frontrunners in our marketplace. With greater innovation, creative thinking, and on-going commitment, we can make positive changes towards a more sustainable future.

Download the Your Workspace Sustainable Manufacturing Project Guide which shows how the environment can benefit greatly just by switching to an eco-friendlier board type and how our Simplicity smart lockers can help you protect the planet one product at a time.

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