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The 6 Benefits of a Simplicity Smart Locker Post-Pandemic!


The last 12 months have been unprecedented for everyone but as we continue to follow the roadmap out of lockdown, we will all start to get a taste of normality both in and out of the workplace.


The Biggest Challenge


Our clients have been telling us that the biggest challenge they are facing at the moment is assuring their staff that the workplace will be safe with they do return to the office. As a result, Your Workspace has introduced several new innovative features and functions to their smart lockers to help support their client’s transition to an agile or hybrid way of working. This new technology will also help businesses get their workplaces future-ready for a post-pandemic environment:

1. Everyone will ensure that their desks, and other common areas such as kitchens and toilets are kept sanitary to reduce cross contamination, so why not apply this principle to lockers. Our new ‘Simplicity Cleaning’ function has been developed to help employees and businesses with their return-to-work policies and give everyone peace of mind that their communal locker surfaces will be sanitised accurately and regularly to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Our new and automatic cleaning protocol ensures lockers can be cleaned between uses. Instant notifications and real-time data will inform cleaning teams when a locker has been used and then released back into the system. Lockers can be cleaned throughout the day to keep employees, visitors, and clients safe.

An infographic of a cleaning bucket full of soapy water.

Watch our latest video here to find out more about our new cleaning feature!

2. Lockers can be allocated any distance apart to promote social distancing. This feature will help with employee confidence and encourage members of staff to come back to the office knowing that procedures are in place to keep them safe.

An infographic of two individuals standing socially distanced from one another.

3. With no geographical boundaries, Simplicity can be managed from a single point of access across multiple floors, locations and even countries. Should an individual locker or bank of lockers need to be blocked, re-assigned, or accessed, this can all be done remotely without having to come into physical contact with the locker.

A small infographic depicting an office worker at their desk.

4. More companies are allowing a hybrid working model. Meaning that a greater number of people now work remotely and from home, visiting the office maybe 2/3 days a week. Facilities need to be multi-use, multi-functional and offer flexibility to ensure businesses are getting a the most from facilities that may not be used as frequently.

As a result, you are able to assign a locker on a temporary or permanent basis, for a set period of time or indefinitely. You can allocate lockers in team bubbles, departments, for an individual or just for storage purposes. This offers businesses the flexibility needed to support a future-ready workforce.

5. Your Workspace have also seen a dramatic increase and demand for workplace apps and integration within smart facilities, and this will no doubt continue post-pandemic. Simplicity smart lockers can integrate with existing workplace apps and building management systems so that a building can be monitored more effectively. Employees can also access their locker using their building access card or ID pass, which integrates with the software within each unit, making it even easier and quicker to access a smart locker when employees do venture into the office.

6. Simplicity smart lockers, can help employers identify the areas and people their employees have come into contact with. If an organisation then needs to contact certain individuals for a COVID-19 related reason, instant notifications can be sent to affected staff either via the smart phone app or an email.

An infographic image of a laptop, on which are displayed Simplicity Smart Lockers.


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