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The Impact of Homeworking on the Employee Experience – Part 2


The Leesman Index held another webinar on ‘The impact of homeworking on the employee experience’ last week which Your Workspace attended. Their first webinar on the subject saw 10,000 people take part in their online survey, with the second piece of research receiving upwards of 50,000 responses, from over 300 workplaces, across 60+ countries. The invaluable data collected and analysed helps companies gain insights into current workplace trends from different employees worldwide and will help them make informed decisions on managing their remote workforce.

Returning to the Workplace

80.9% of homeworkers felt that their home environment allows them to work productively, with only 62.8% of employees saying that they are more productive when they work from the office.


The data has shown that employees struggle the most with sharing ideas and knowledge with colleagues when not in the workplace; 91% of people found this their greatest disadvantage. People also said that they didn’t feel connected to their organisation, with 80% of those surveyed agreeing with this statement.


Interestingly, 77.7% of 55-64 year olds said they were mostly enjoying working from home. With only 74% of employees aged 34 and under stating the same thing. This may be because 73% of those aged 55-64 have a dedicated workspace or room specific for working from home, as opposed to only 68% of under 34’s who use another room in the house, such as a bedroom or living room to work from.

Workplace Dynamics

89.2% of people surveyed, stated that they feel video conferencing will play a greater role in workplace in the future, with 39% of people saying that they feel printing, scanning and photo-copying equipment will still be just as important when returning to the office.

Effects on Corporate Real Estate

From the 300+ workplaces surveyed, the most spacious area given to a single employee will be 40.3 m2, the densest area being 7.5 m2 per employee, with the average space per person being 17.6 m2.

In summary, each employee experience differs from business to business, and the industry in which the company operates also influences their views and opinions. One thing everyone does have in common however, is we are all facing this challenging time together.

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