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Working in a Connected World: The Importance of System Integration


It has always been commonplace to use more than one system to operate a business. However, in today’s world, data, the ‘Internet of Things’ and automation is making it easier for businesses to integrate and connect systems together.

When it comes to efficiency, system integration can be as important as the system itself, so using the latest technology is vital to ensure you are getting the most from everything that is connected.

System integration is another buzzword now commonplace within workplace terminology. But it’s a misconception that we all know what it means to integrate your systems. And anyway, what systems are we even referring to?


What Is System Integration?


As your business grows, you need new software programs to help you keep track of data, performance, client information, project information, employee data, utility and energy use, basically, every aspect of a business is operated using a system in one form or another.  Several different programs and software tools will make up the day-to-day running of your business and the functionality mentioned above. System integration is the linking of these programmes and software applications; it can transform how effectively and efficiently your business is being managed.

System integration also means that programmes are able to talk to each other and act as a coordinated whole.  Data and reports can then be generated and analysed to improve every aspect of the company that has been linked.


Benefits to businesses


We need tech that is connected, integrated, and automated, to make managing our workplaces and systems easier and quicker. But not just that, we are very much living in a need-to-know society, where everything needs to be justified. Integrating technologies can help with producing the need-to-know answers we are looking for. The kind of answers that help us get the most from our working environment. This can be done with the central collection of data that comes from connecting all of our systems as aforementioned.

For example, by integrating your systems you can analyse employee capacity and footfall in a certain area. From this data analysis, you can then supply energy, accordingly.

Why run power to a whole area of the office, or even certain desks that are not being used on a regular basis or even being used at all?


Benefits To Employees


Not only is integrated technology playing a bigger part in the workplace, but commercial spaces are also becoming more agile. Agile working solutions and new integrated smart technologies go hand-in-hand. The incorporation of technology within a workplace helps to create an agile and collaborative working environment. These are environments that we as individuals now need and are desperately craving.

To be successful in the world of work, staff should enjoy connecting with new technologies that when integrated cleverly into spaces, furniture, and facilities, can create new opportunities, increase productivity, and improve collaboration. Going forward, employees may only interact with their peers once or twice a week, so it is imperative to use technology as efficiently as possible to get the most from workspaces that may only be used intermittently throughout the week.

Integrating technology ultimately makes an employee’s job easier. Being able to book a locker for the day, for example, using a workplace app that has been integrated to talk to the locker facilities, means less time is spent managing minor day-to-day tasks and more time can be spent on other business functions. The locker that has been booked and accessed will then talk to the integrated software, so that management teams can analyse how frequently these facilities are being used.

When technology integrates, management teams can look at the data to determine suitable workplace layouts to ensure there are adequate desks, lockers, and collaborative workspaces to provide employees with a great working environment and ultimately improve well-being.


Leading The Way


Market-leading businesses such as Your Workspace are creating a whole host of workplace designs that integrate technology to automate processes, especially with our flagship smart product, Simplicity.

Simplicity uses integrated technology to give companies greater visibility around facility usage and building occupancy. They can also be connected with existing workplace management programmes, workplace apps and building access systems.

Simplicity offers a complete solution across every aspect of your business; from automating your post room and parcel management to installing smart locker facilities within your company gym. We can even help simplify the loaning out company assets. Our one connected locker solution can help transform your workplace; no matter where each smart locker bank is situated, they all integrate together to offer one solution.


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