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Your Workspace exhibited at the WORKTECH21 event this week with our smart software partner Vecos.  The two-day event saw over 300 senior professionals come together to listen to global thought leaders share their knowledge, best practise, and expertise around the future of work and the workplace, as well as real estate, technology, and innovation.

This year’s WORKTECH21 London event was particularly thought provoking as it provided business leaders with the opportunity to reflect on the past 18 months, but also look to the future as we all make the great return to a post pandemic workplace.

The in-person conference was held at the Export Building, Republic, which is the next phase of London’s newest creative community and an award-winning hub for jobs, education, skills, leisure & community.

Over the course of the two days, we were privileged to listen to some of the industries global leaders discussing how they have traversed the waves of the pandemic, and how the introduction of smart technologies has made the transition to new ways of working easier, with some senior professionals even stating that this is now a workplace essential. Almost all of the talks also focused on employee well-being and the employee experience, with many speakers also talking about the environment. It was apparent that almost every business who were exhibiting and speaking have transitioned to an agile or hybrid way of working as a result of the pandemic, and have started to integrate technology into the workplace. It is apparent that many companies are using data in order to create a future ready working environment, one that is based on real facts and figures as opposed to guesstimating what the workplace and it’s employees need.

Saskia Ordelman, Chief Commercial Officer, Vecos, took to the stage with Kasia Maynard, Content Editor, WORKTECH Academy to discuss and present on the digital workplace. The presentation focused on where businesses are as a result of the pandemic, employee expectations of work and workplace and how companies can define the new workplace experience. Saskia demonstrated that in conjunction with other technologies, this can be achieved with the integration of smart locker technologies, which offer businesses a versatile and dynamic storage solution that can be ‘flexed’ as and when the needs of a business changes.

Sam Freeman, Business Development Manager, Your Workspace, said: “The event was a great success, and it was lovely to be able to network with industry peers and colleagues, something we have all missed doing over the past 18 months. As market leaders in our field, it was a privilege to be able to exhibit at WORKTECH21 alongside our smart storage partners Vecos, and showcase our award-winning smart locker solution to many influential delegates attending the event. We look forward to attending WORKTECH22 and would like to thank the organisers for a well-structured and successful event”.

If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from smart technology, or if you are looking to transition to an agile way of working, get in touch.

One of our smart workplace experts will be glad to help!

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