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Airport Lockers Solutions

Adequate storage plays a huge part in the smooth running of any organisation. With thousands of people visiting airports every day, be it passengers, staff, or airline personnel; getting the right storage solution is imperative to the successful operation of any airport.

Our airport lockers have a multi-functional purpose across every aspect of an airport setting. We use the latest technology and the most robust materials and ensure our Simplicity lockers are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including antibacterial finishes to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Don’t let baggage be a burden

Having a secure and safe place to store belongings means trusting your storage solution to deliver. With the latest locking mechanisms and the option to have an integrated reporting system that logs access and usage; we can help to make security worries a thing of the past.

To get the most from a Simplicity locker you can combine the ReleezMe software to make managing lockers even easier. ReleezMe offers secure access via the Microsoft Azure Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud platform. The software can send automated notifications to users, monitor and generate usage reports and can be integrated with your existing HR system to automate enrolment.

Smarter and safer

We understand that security in any airport is paramount. The introduction of our smart lockers will give both passengers and staff peace of mind knowing their belongings will be safe. These agile storage solutions are operated by an access card which holds data to monitor the access of the lockers. All ‘events’ that take place during the operation of the locker are recorded on a central database and can be crosschecked with security footage if there is any unusual activity. If a locker is tampered with, an intruder alarm will sound, and this can also be wired so that it links with the existing security system.

Who will benefit for our smart lockers?


We can make storing baggage easier with our secure, safe and trustworthy airport locker system. Whether you want to leave your luggage at the airport for a few hours or need to store your duty-free shopping until your return journey; we have a convenient storage solution that’s right for you.

Airport parking and car hire

As a traveller, getting to and from the airport is an important part of your itinerary, so we want to make your journey as seamless as possible. Our airport locker storage systems can get you where you need to be quicker, leaving you more time to enjoy your onward travels.

With our smart locker system, you can store your car keys securely with the airport valet or collect your rental car keys without waiting in line.


Staff who work airside are not always able to take personal belongings with them on their shift. With Simplicity, your workforce can store their belongings safely and focus on their work, with the knowledge that their possessions are going to be waiting exactly where they left them when they finish.

Better supervision

Smart lockers are easy to manage by airport security, who can open and check the compartments when needed with a master access card. They also have the authority to grant temporary access be it for a day, week or a month. You will be fully in-control of each locker.

Features and benefits

  • Fully mains powered
  • Providing a ‘one card fits all’ solution
  • Maximising usable space
  • Traffic light system, showing locker availability
  • USB charging point for phones or tablets (up to 600Ma max)
  • An intruder alarm can be linked to an existing system to enhance security
  • Integral light improves visibility of contents
  • Push-to-open door provides increased security
  • Real-time user/access management
  • Users can be set up to a choice of permanent, temporary or group storage assignment
  • A variety of finishes and colours available
  • Remote management from a central hub gives full visibility around locker usage
  • Book your locker remotely using the pre-booking function via the mobile app
  • Aid social distancing by assigning lockers apart from one another
  • Block lockers for cleaning and send notifications to your facilities management team
  • Our lockers can be manufactured using antibacterial finishes to help combat the spread of COVID-19

Bespoke lockers designed for each airport

Your valuables are in safe hands with our Simplicity locker systems. We understand that at an airport, space and security are at a premium. That’s why we will work with you to design lockers that fit perfectly into the space that is available. We’re used to using space creatively and are known for coming up with innovative designs where other airport storage locker providers have failed.

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