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Pharmaceutical Locker Solutions

Efficient and secure dispensing solutions are vital to the effectiveness of any pharmacy. With sensitive patient information and endless amounts of medication, it is important that the pharmaceutical industry gets it right when it comes to distribution. Simplicity smart lockers are the ideal solution.

Prioritising patients

As our lives are getting busier, the need to give patients more flexibility when it comes to accessing their medication has never been greater. Our smart pharmaceutical lockers give patients the flexibility they need when it comes to collecting their medicine and prescriptions at a more convenient time that suits them. This reduces waiting times in store, while still allowing medical professionals to keep better records of when an item has been collected.

Safety first

Our units are extremely secure. Our locker products, including our pharmaceutical lockers, are built to last. Each pharmaceutical locker has a strong and hard-wearing carcass with a sturdy door to match.  They have been designed to require minimal maintenance, including an integral hinge which also improves security.

The Simplicity smart storage range includes Simplicity and Simplicty+ and the lockers can be integrated with the latest ReleezeMe/MYPUP software.

Simplicity works in a few simple steps. The user scans their access card against a reader, the system finds the user’s profile and assigns them a locker, the allocated locker is shown on the touchscreen terminal and the user can now access the locker.

Lockers can be controlled remotely with user-friendly software which, can be integrated into existing IT systems. Reports, log files and usage can be viewed and tracked in real-time from a remote location with user-friendly software.

How it all works

  1. Smart lockers are installed with our Simplicity system that is connected to the relevant software
  2. When a prescription is received at the pharmacy it will be placed in an automated locker at the pick-up point
  3. Once the item/s are securely inside, the recipient of the prescription will then receive a message either by SMS or email to say their prescription is ready to be collected, along with a unique code to provide access
  4. The software can also send reminders, to make sure the prescription is collected
  5. The software can also be used to implement the governments ‘track and trace’ policy
  6. Should a patient be concerned about COVID-19, the pharmacy can track and trace the patient, and others they have come in to contact with, using the data captured using the built in management software
  7. Patients can then be notified directly if they are affected

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