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Sustainable and Safe Pick-Up Points  

We live in a fast paced world where everyone expects a seamless delivery and collection experience that relies on security, convenience, and efficiency. Not just a smart parcel solution, Your Pick-Up lockers can be applied to every workplace, industry and market sector.

Our Pick-Up-Points allow recipients to track parcels, assist with the loaning of IT equipment, and can even been used as a way to automate the return of your dry-cleaning.

The easy-to-use system will notify recipients of their delivered item in real-time. Pick-up takes seconds, and the  lockers can be accessed with either the free smart phone app or the built in interface, giving employees, residents or customers a convenient self-service collection system that is available to 24/7.

The Your Pick-Up locker software can also integrate with existing apps within your workplace or university for example; making collecting items even easier, from the palm of your hand.



How Your Pick-Up Lockers Work  

We don’t just offer smart pick-up lockers for traditional purposes; our Pick-Up locker products and services go way beyond that!

Pick-Up lockers offer our customers the latest innovation in smart pick-up technology. Our solution is both secure and convenient and can help you manage and automate the delivery process.


The User Experience: 

  • Once a parcel or item has been delivered, the reception, concierge or management team will allocate the recipient a locker and place the item/s inside
  • Upon closing the door, customers will be sent an access code via an SMS or through the free
  • The recipient is then able to come and collect their parcel at a time that is convenient for them
  • The system will automatically update once the item/s have been collected. The pick-up locker will be released back into the system ready for the next user
  • Reminder notifications can be sent if items are not collected within a certain time frame
  • The whole process is completely traceable, and offers management teams full visibility around usage

Your Pick-Up Lockers offer a whole host of benefits for the following sectors although our smart solution can be transferred to any industry looking to automate parcel or pick-up functions within their business or setting:



Your Pick-Up lockers offer businesses a smart parcel solution that can be applied to various areas of any business:

Your Pick-Up Lockers Office Post-Room: Automate your company’s post room with our advanced parcel management software

IT Kiosk: Manage IT equipment from a single point of access, items can be collected at a time that is convenient for your employees

Dry-Cleaning: Items can be dropped off and hung up in a Your Pick-Up locker for the recipient to collect at their convenience



Your Pick-Up Lockers Retail

The convenience of our Pick-Up lockers will give customers the flexibility they need in today’s fast paced world where time is limited. Your Pick-Up Point gives customers peace of mind that their items are being kept safe in a secure locker ready for collection.

Retailers are now able to leave purchased items in a Your Pick-Up point for customers to collect at a time, date and place that is convenient for them. The pick-up lockers can also be manufactured in different sizes to cater to a whole range of products being offered to customers.



Your Pick-Up Lockers Students

Universities and halls of residence receive hundreds of parcels and deliveries weekly; managing this service is no mean feat. Your Pick-Up lockers can help to streamline and automate any parcel management system so that reception teams spend less time dealing with deliveries and more time on other tasks.

The app can also integrate with existing University apps so that students can retrieve their deliveries at a click of a button and at a time and date that is convenient for them.


Your Pick-Up Lockers Pharmacy

Efficient and secure dispensing solutions are vital to the effectiveness of any pharmacy. With sensitive patient information and endless amounts of medication, it is important that the pharmaceutical industry gets it right when it comes to distribution.

Lengthy queues can become a thing of the past with Your Pick-Up lockers.

Patients can retrieve their medication at a time that is convenient for them and the whole system offers full traceable visibility around when a prescription has been collected.


Your Pick-Up Residential

Pick-Up lockers can streamline parcel management in residential buildings blocks.

With a simplified process for couriers to deposit parcels for tenants. Our automated process dramatically reduces theft or misplaced packages.





Get in touch to find our how our smart pick-up lockers can help you or download the Your Pick-Up Point Brochure for more information!