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Retail Locker Solutions

Effective storage is essential to the efficient running of any retail outlet, so finding high-quality solutions that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing is a priority to both consumers and business owners alike.

Our retail lockers range is designed to offer a storage solution for staffrooms, stockrooms and even on the shop floor; if you have the need for storage, we have the solution.

Whether you want to offer shoppers a safe place to store their heavy bags whilst they continue to browse, create a secure location where customers can ‘click and collect’, or need a pragmatic solution to employee storage lockers, our Simplicity storage system can be configured to meet a range of needs and requirements.

Where can Simplicity help me?

On the shop floor

We can find creative ways to fit retail lockers into your current space and will ensure the design is in-keeping with your brand. Simplicity lockers come in a range of sizes, so if you tell us how much room you have, we’ll design your storage unit to fit.

Our retail lockers can provide secure storage for customers who need to store their belongings whilst in the fitting room or to keep clutter and valuable equipment off the shop floor.

With a range of finishes and colours to choose from it will fit seamlessly into your existing décor.

In the staff room

Our retail lockers provide valuable space and security for staff to place their personal belongings. With safety features such as integrated hinges, push-to-open doors and integrated intruder alarms, our smart lockers provide a high level of security, in comparison to lockers with mechanical locking mechanisms. With our smart lockers, you can have full peace of mind that your employees’ belongings will be safe and secure.

You are also able to assign lockers to individuals or specific departments and teams for easier and quicker management. The lockers can be assigned on a temporary or permanent basis or even for a few hours on any given day. This will help with allocating lockers for shift workers and companies who have a large temporary or seasonal workforce.

If an employee misplaces or forgets their locker key, the ReleezMe locker management software allows you to access the locker remotely and has the capability for you to report on usage.

Tell us what you need to store and who needs access to those items, and we can put together a solution for you.


These agile storage solutions help to ensure company stock is kept safe and secure and will keep theft to a minimum. The lockers are operated by an access card which holds data to monitor the access of the lockers. All ‘events’ that take place during the operation of the locker are recorded on a central database and can be crosschecked with security footage if there is any unusual activity. If a locker is tampered with, an intruder alarm will sound, and this can also be wired so that it links with the existing security system.

The Simplicity system can also monitor and control who has access to the storage facilities across multiple sites from one remote location saving both time and money.

Our bespoke offering

We will work with you to realise your vision. We offer our clients an end-to-end solution, with a single point of contact. From initial ideas, to design, manufacture and installation; you will have a dedicated team on hand every step of the way bringing you a unique and bespoke storage solution that meets your exact requirements.

We have years of experience in providing retail facilities with the best storage furniture on the market. Our retail lockers are available in different sizes, styles and colours to ensure that they fit effortlessly in with your existing interior design and brand.

We can add whiteboards to your locker doors to leave staff memos, add planters on the top to add some nature to your workspace and even customise the lockers so you have different sized doors to accommodate different items. If you have an idea, we can help you design it.

Combatting COVID-19

Simplicity smart lockers can help you to combat COVID-19, here’s how:

  • Remote management from a central hub gives full visibility around locker usage in the event you need to implement your ‘track and track’ policy
  • Book your locker remotely using the pre-booking function via the mobile app
  • Aid social distancing by assigning lockers apart from one another
  • Block lockers for cleaning and send notifications to your facilities management team should it be required
  • Our lockers can be manufactured using antibacterial finishes to help combat the spread of COVID-19

What we have in our locker

Having a factory based in the UK allows us a degree of control over production that most other British manufacturers lack. Our strong partnerships with the best global suppliers mean we have the best range of locking options on the market, and access to a huge range of quality materials.

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