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Features and Benefits

smart storage after Covid-19
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In the current climate the future of traditional offices is unclear. Many people are currently working from home at least part of the time, while others will be heading back into workspaces that have changed. Speaking to our clients we know there are several important issues on their minds, such as: Keeping their employees, clients and guests safe; Only investing in future-proof technologies; Making the most of the space they have available or being able to adjust if necessary.

We’ve broken these concerns down into three key areas, where we believe Simplicity smart lockers can help:

  • Satisfies post Covid-19 concerns with touchless usage and management.
  • Contactless locker access using a building access card, the mobile app or facial recognition.
  • Easy pre-booking via the app.
  • Aid social distancing by assigning lockers apart from one another, protecting users and fighting viral spread.
  • Block lockers for cleaning and notify your house-keeping team.
  • We can construct your storage using materials with antibacterial properties to further reduce risk of transmission.
  • Remotely manage storage across multiple sites using locker management software.
  • Designed to adapt to different workplace strategies including agile working and hot-desking.
  • Our software and mobile app can be integrated with your existing/new platforms or workplace app.
  • Locker assignments can be set one way initially and then adjusted in the future.
  • Reminders can ensure a limited number of lockers are used effectively.
  • Flexibility allows you to maximise how you use your space.
  • Data and reports available in the software allow you to understand how the system is being used, and adjust.
  • Potential for huge efficiency savings compared to static lock types.
  • Most cost-effective solution based on the total cost of ownership.
enable safe working practices
future-proof your storage solution
maximise your space

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