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How Simplicity can help with ‘Track and Trace’?

With many of the UK’s workforce now starting to be phased back into the office after the recent COVID-19 pandemic; employers are looking at new ways in which they can keep their employees safe in the workplace.

Simplicity smart lockers can help!

With the latest ‘Track and Trace’ initiative being rolled out around the country; it is important that employers also play their part in keeping the nation safe to ensure that the risk of another spike is kept to a minimum.

It can be a dauting task, but Simplicity can help make the road to recovery a little smoother.

Assisting ‘Track and Trace’

Our smart lockers, using the latest Vecos technology, can help employers identify the areas and people their employees have come into contact with. If an organisation then needs to implement the government’s ‘Track and Trace’ policy, our system will make it easier for employers to carry out this protocol.

Single Use Tracking

The system will record the time, date, and the actual locker that has been accessed, giving the company greater visibility of who is using what locker, when and in what part of the building.

Group Tracking

The Simplicity management software, that can be integrated with existing workplace mobile apps, can send notifications directly to locker user’s phones. You can set access rules and allocate lockers to groups/teams, so in the event the ‘Track and Trace’ policy does need to be implemented, employees can be contacted quickly as a group via the app or an email notification (whilst observing GDPR data regulations). Lockers can then be blocked off if required and then cleaned.

Social Distancing   

The lockers, utilising real-time user data, can also be set-up to ensure lockers are allocated to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Lockers will only be made available that are 2 metres away from another active locker should this be required.

Contactless Management

Simplicity lockers management system can set business rules to give different levels of access to different, or one sole management team. The system can be managed from a single point of access and can also be managed remotely, should an individual locker or suite or lockers need to be blocked or re-allocated, this can be done without having to come into physical contact with the lockers.

Our locker units can also be manufactured using anti-microbial finishes, another way to help keep your buildings and staff safe from COVID-19.

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User tracking
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Social distancing
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