55967 Simplicity Lockers

Simplicity+ Smart Lockers

lock access
1m+ users worldwide
  • Use building access card.
  • Access storage via door and control panel.
  • LED lights show occupancy.
  • Simply tap and the locker pops open.
  • Push-to-close and locker is sealed until owners returned.
  • The ideal agile storage in busy environments like locker rooms.
  • Smartphone app and locker management software available.
  • Bespoke design service.
Simplicity Lockers Access
easily accessible
Simplicity Lockers Business
ideal for busy environments
Simplicity Lockers Card Reader
card access

Simplicity+ and locker management software

Storage access options

Our smart locks are contactless. They can be operated using a company building access card or smartphone.

Simplicity+ allows you to scan a badge near the control panel and at the door (adjacent to the coloured LED). Simplicity+ users benefit from a simple traffic light system. If your storage is free the LED shows green and if the storage’s being used it shows red.

Employees can also download our free app and use a smartphone to pre-book and open their storage. If a badge is forgotten or lost, remote support can open the door saving your employees and facilities management team time.

Storage for agile working

Whether you manage a single floor, a single building or many spread across different countries, you can manage all your storage remotely with our user-friendly software. Our locker management software can also be integrated with your existing building and estate management software meaning, maximising your resources.

We can help you configure your smart storage for different uses. Give each employee a personal locker, let a visitor use a locker for a day or give a team access to a set of cupboards. Create rules that govern usage. Appoint, or restrict access to individuals or groups. Prevent lockers being taken after a certain time in the day. And if lockers aren’t being used, send a notification to the employee. The perfect system for agile working and flexible working practices.

Not only are the lockers contactless. Our smart locker software also supports wellbeing policies post-Covid-19. Support social distancing, block lockers for cleaning after use and use notifications to support internal ‘Track and Trace’ initiatives.

A variety of reports are available, as are log files so you can see real-time locker usage (the system is completely GDPR compliant). After using Simplicity products many of our clients look back at the usage data and can downsize or change their floorplans, creating huge cost savings.

Bespoke smart storage designs

Simplicity+ locks aren’t just for lockers. At Your Workspace we manufacture a range of cabinet types including confidential waste units and parcel lockers, cupboards and storage wall – anything you can imagine with a door.

While we are able to suggest sizes and designs, we understand each of clients is different. Choose from an extensive range of the latest MFC finishes, including a selection of anti-microbial options for added peace of mind. Our team will work with you to manufacture storage furniture that meets your specific requirements.

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Technical Information

All major RF standards

Including ISO 144443 A+B (Mifare, Mifare+, Desfire, SmartMX etc), ISO 15693, SONY FeliCa, HID iclass and all LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime transponders.


125Khz or 13.56 Mhz


AES 128/256, 3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption


Mains powered (no batteries required). Data (TCP/IP) via controller

USB Output

5V 600mA max

Certification CE