55967 Simplicity Lockers

Simplicity smart lockers

control panel access
  • Use building access card.
  • Access storage via control panel.
  • Push-to-open, push-to-close.
  • Locker is sealed until owners returned.
  • The ideal agile storage for agile working.
  • Mobile app and locker management software available.
  • Bespoke design service.

Storage access options

Simplicity is a wired, contact-less smart locker system, that works with any type of storage cabinet. They can be operated using a company building access card or smartphone app.

To operate, the user scans their access card against a contactless reader. The system finds the user’s profile and allocates them an appropriate locker or storage. The reference number displays on the touchscreen terminal. They can then go to the relevant door and simply push on it to open.

Employees can pre-book a locker and access their personal storage using the free smartphone app. Replacing keys can be added stress for busy facilities managers – with Simplicity if a badge is forgotten or lost, they can be opened remotely using our smart locker software solution.

Smart storage with smart insights

You can manage all your storage remotely with our user-friendly software, whether you have a single floor, a whole building, or many buildings across different continents. Integrate our locker management software with your existing building and estate management software meaning, to create a single source of information.

Our team will help you create rules and configure your smart storage for different uses. Offer each employee their own locker, provide a visitor with a locker for a day or give a team access to their storage cupboards. Limit access to individuals or groups or stop lockers being taken after a certain time. Send a notification to the employee if they have not used their locker enough. Simplicity is the perfect storage to support organisations implementing agile working and flexible working.

In addition to being contactless, our smart locker software also helps wellbeing policies, particularly useful during Covid-19. Settings support social distancing and allow you to block lockers for cleaning after use. Notifications can help with your organisation’s ‘Track and Trace’ initiatives.

Managers have access to a range of reports and log files, and can view real-time locker usage (Simplicity is GDPR compliant). Lots of our customers analyse the usage data and can reduce or adjust their floorplans, saving money on their business’ corporate real estate requirements.

Bespoke smart storage designs

Simplicity locks can be added to any type of doored storage, not just personal lockers. We manufacture a range of storage types including confidential waste units and package lockers, cupboards, and storagewall.

We understand that each of our clients has different requirements. Our team can suggest suitable sizes and designs for your needs, or you can specify. We offer an extensive range of the newest MFC finishes, including anti-microbial options for added protection. Our team will work with you to manufacture storage furniture that meets your specific requirements.

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Wireless Card To Access Your Locker
easily accessible control panel base
Share You Simplicity Locker
ideal for busy environments allocation via system
Simplicity Locker Copy
business rules


Technical Information

All units are mains powered and include internal USB charger ports (600 Ma max).  The Simplicity software allows lockers to be customised for all situations whether that is a fixed or flexible set-up.  Each locker can be configured as required.  The locker management software gives you real-time insight into the use of lockers and allows you to assign, open, block and release locker remotely.  We can help you configure the system to your specific needs.

All major RF standards

Including ISO 144443 A+B (Mifare, Mifare+, Desfire, SmartMX etc), ISO 15693, SONY FeliCa, HID iclass and all LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime transponders.


13.56 Mhz


AES 128/256, 3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption


Mains powered (no batteries required). Data (TCP/IP) via controller

USB Output

5V 600mA max

Certification CE

Scan your badge locker
Simplicity Locker Control panel
Badge Scanner on Locker
Vecos control panel