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Simplicity smart storage
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Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for Children NHS Foundation Trust is renowned for its paediatric care, and world-class treatment of children with rare and complex conditions. In October 2018, the trust launched its Digital Research, Informatics and Virtual Environments unit (DRIVE). The new space will help researchers to explore how new technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality can improve health outcomes and the experiences of patients. With the end goal of applying what they learn to the wider NHS service.

DRIVE has seen the trust partnering with some big names in research – Microsoft, Samsung, ARM, NTT Data, Barclays, NHS Digital and University College London (Computer Science, Bartlett Institute, Turing Institute and Farr Institute). Your Workspace is proud to have been chosen as the unit’s smart storage supplier, as Tom Woodley explains.

Futuristic lockers for a high-tech space

Great Ormond Street DRIVE is quite a unique little project. Their aim is to be the first digital hospital in the UK, and their vision is of a space that is as futuristic as possible. With the latest technology – not just for show but as part of a working office as well.

Our involvement came from a conversation with the interior architect, PENSON. They asked, ‘Can you gain access to lockers via a mobile?’ – with Simplicity you can. So, before they even told us about DRIVE we already felt Simplicity might be the right choice.

Inviting the interior architect and clients to our showroom, we spoke about what they were trying to achieve and then presented several electronic locker solutions – making them aware of the pros and cons of each solution. When we demonstrated Simplicity, I started by showing them how it works with the lights, how they can allocate lockers and how it can be integrated with phones. There were a lot of questions, lots of interest, lots of photos being taken. A short time later we found out Simplicity was being specified for the job.

Empowering our clients

GOSH had initially planned for 40 lockers but they told us staff will come and go at the DRIVE unit, so we suggested they started with a smaller quantity of lockers and use business rules to manage locker usage.

By taking the time to help clients understand the Simplicity system we empower them to go and do the same internally. This is particularly important with IT. The earlier they can engage with their teams and feed information back to us, to enable us to set up the best solution possible.

Something out of ‘Black Mirror’

Early on the DRIVE team showed us some visuals that included ‘Star Trek Enterprise’ style meeting rooms. They wanted the space to be as futuristic as possible, like something out of the TV series ‘Black Mirror’.

Some of the lockers were installed in alcoves behind a tech wall where they’re going to have a mini amphitheatre – an open space in the office where they can do presentations and group work. We also have some in reception. These are big enough for a suitcase, providing personal storage for surgeons and corporate staff who are visiting the centre.

Visions for the future

The eventual aim is for GOSH to be the first digital hospital in the UK and in-turn provide smart lockers to all other GOSH staff. But to get the most out of it they need to upgrade their building access terminals and create a single access card. This will allow them to make full use of the ReleezMe software and automate their locker enrolment. This is a big project to undertake, which GOSH are aiming to achieve by 2020.

Great Ormond Street Hospital DRIVE Locker Installation
Great Ormond Street Hospital DRIVE Locker Installation. Photo by interior Architect and Designer PENSON.




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