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Kingscross, London


With such large volumes of mail being delivered daily, MYPUP was the perfect solution.

The Company

Greystar, the global leader in rental housing, provide beautiful residential environments and innovative services to enhance the living experience. Greystar are a blue-chip company that operate with the highest integrity and character in delivering world-class services to residents, property owners, and investors.

The Challenge

Greystar’s Chapter property in Kingscross London houses 846 dorms, 1041 students and also contains 48 private residencies, making it their 2nd largest Chapter in London. The Chapter had a vision to automate their parcel delivery service; with such large volumes of mail being delivered daily, and 3 members of staff managing this service, it was clear that MYPUP lockers were the solution they needed.

The Technology

MYPUP lockers offer a new and innovative way to manage the mailroom and can automate and transform your company’s internal postal system.

Sorting and managing deliveries take up valuable administration time.  It can be made much simple and smarter.  With the MYPUP technology it is possible to reduce the number of staff needed to manage deliveries while keeping mail safe and secure.

1.When a parcel is delivered it will be placed in an automated locker at the pick-up point.

2. Once the locker has been closed, the recipient of the parcel will then receive a message either by SMS or email to say their parcel is ready to be collected, along with a unique code to provide access.

3. The software can also send delivery reminders, to make sure the parcel is collected.

The Results 

Greystar had a room specifically designed to house their MYPUP lockers which were manufactured with a classic white finish. The residents and students are now able to have their parcels delivered to a safe and secure location.

The parcel can now be collected at a time that is convenient by using the latest MYPUP software. The software allows for a full audit trail of the delivered item/s. The recipient will be advised what the item is, when it was delivered, the location it was delivered (i.e. what locker number it was placed in) and be given an access code to be able to retrieve it. A notification is also sent when the package has been collected, or a reminder can be set to prompt the recipient to collect the parcel after a set period of time.

As a result of the now automated system, only one staff member is required to manage the postal service, allowing remaining staff members to focus on other tasks.

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