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Philip Morris


Simplicity smart lockers helped Philip Morris International
transition to a more agile way of working

The Client

Philip Morris International is a worldwide leading tobacco company. With their headquarters based in Switzerland; they have a diverse workforce of around 73,500 people who come from every corner of the globe.


The Challenge

Our client had a vision; a unique storage solution that could incorporate traditional sized lockers with taller storage units and, could be accessed with either an employee building entry card or a mobile phone app. The different access options would not only help staff permanently based in London but would also be an ideal solution for international visitors. This type of smart storage solution would be trialled at their office based in London, with the option to install the system at their main operation in Lausanne, that is set across 7 building with multiple floors, if the trial in the UK’s capital was successful.


The Technology

The smart locker suite we installed utilised our Simplicity technology. The system works with a central control panel, where a user scans their building entry card against the reader located on the exterior of the lockers or via the free mobile app.

When the user scans their card or phone against the reader, the system automatically assigns the user a locker according to their access rights. The locker number is displayed, and the user then goes to their allocated locker, pushes the door to open, and after they have either removed or placed items within, pushes the door to close for normal operation. The system then records this ‘event’, which includes the time, date, locker location and name of the locker user, which is logged in the system for up to 90 days.

More than just storage, all locker units are mains powered and include internal USB charging ports suitable for mobile phones or tablets.


The Results

We successfully installed over 550 Simplicity smart lockers with a modern and stylish Grey PerfectSense finish that has anti-fingerprint properties – an ideal choice for any busy workspace. The client also chose chrome edging for a visual effect that provided a different take on shadow gaps between each door.

Philip Morris International decided to transition to a more agile way of working, which is why our Simplicity smart lockers provided them with the perfect platform to test out this concept at one of their flagship locations in London.

As part of the project we also designed and installed a storage wall system that had locker units built in.


Guy Pollard, Corporate Sales Director at Your Workspace said: “It was a pleasure to work with this globally renowned company and pave the way for future projects at their other locations. We are specialists in supporting our client’s transition to an agile way of working through out products, and hope to work with Philip Morris International again at their other sites around the world.”

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