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Simplicity lockers helped the University of Southampton
create a safer laboratory environment for students and staff.

The Client

Southampton University is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world, and one of the top 20 universities in the UK. Their world-class teaching and research activities are delivered across five faculties, within which there are a number of subject-specific schools and departments. With over 6,000 staff and 23,000 students, Simplicity smart lockers were the obvious solution to the challenges faced by the university.

The Challenge

Southampton University gave us a brief that was ‘to design a storage solution and provide changing facilities for their student laboratory’. Students often need to change into lab coats and put on protective equipment such as goggles and gloves ready for their practical lectures. Therefore, a safe and secure storage solution was needed to house the science equipment, and also provide a safe place for students to store their belongings during lessons. The system needed to be smart with asset management technology so that the borrowed items could be recorded to make tracking university property easier.

The Design

Based on our brief, and after assessing the ratio of students to lockers that was needed in one part of the campus, we designed, manufactured, and installed 119 Simplicity smart lockers. We incorporated three different sized locker units into the design to cater for a range of lab equipment and personal belongings. This ensured we were providing the department with a diverse, practical, and smart solution for their storage needs. The lockers were manufactured with a white, light grey and lime green finish with either contrasting black edging or matching white edging. We also manufactured the number decals to accompany the lockers, black discs with white font to stand out against the locker background.

The Technology

The smart locker suite we installed utilised our Simplicity technology. The system works with a central control panel, where a user scans their student card against the reader located on the exterior of the lockers. Students are also able to download the mobile app, which is another way to access a locker.

When the user scans their student card or uses the mobile app against the reader, the system automatically assigns the user a locker according to their access rights. The locker number is displayed, and the user then goes to their allocated locker, pushes the door to open, and after they have either removed or placed items within, pushes the door to close. The system records this ‘event’, including the time, date, locker location and name of the locker user. This information is logged in the system for up to 90 days.

More than just storage, all Simplicity lockers units include internal USB charging ports suitable for mobile phones or tablets – a perfect addition for students.

The Results

Our Simplicity smart lockers not only gave the university a smart storage solution that is practical, safe, and stylish, it also gave the department invaluable data around their asset management. Our smart lockers ensured that only students who had authorisation were able to access certain equipment. The facilities management team at the campus were able to remotely control who used the lockers and had the flexibility to change the user specifications at any time during the academic year.

Guy Pollard, Corporate Sales Director at Your Workspace said: “We are delighted to be able to provide Southampton University with a smart storage solution which both the students and the faculty benefited from. The project was a great success, and we look forward to being able to help other educational facilities like Southampton University reach their full smart storage potential in the future.”

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