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Confidence in our smart storage solution

Here at Your Workspace, we understand that in these unsettling economic times, businesses want to cut back on unnecessary costs, making sure that any changes to the workplace are beneficial, with a clear return on investment.

We are matter experts in smart working solutions. We are so confident in our Simplicity smart locker solution which is powered by Vecos, that we are the only smart locker providers in the UK offering this new and innovative trial scheme to our clients.


Sample our Simplicity smart lockers

We’re therefore excited to launch our latest ‘Sample Simplicity‘ concept that allows new customers to experience the full features and benefits our Simplicity smart lockers have to offer, including our latest COVID-19 safety functions, with no commitment to placing an order at the end of the trial.


Proven success

We’ve had a 100% success rate when it comes to our customers trialling our office lockers in the past. Every client who has signed up to take part in the scheme so far has decided to utilise our smart locker solutions after the trial period has ended, across one or more locations within their business.

We have manufactured a limited number of test units for this scheme and knowing our client base, demand for this offering will be great. We have therefore set certain criteria our new clients will need to meet in order to be put forward to enter in to our ‘Sample Simplicity’ scheme.

Depending on what criteria you set when we install your smart storage lockers, the data we report on, after the trial period, can help your company implement various workplace strategies.


How the trial works!


We will install a bank of Simplicity smart lockers (up to 20) for you to trial for up to a 3 month period.





You will be allocated an Account Manager for the duration of your trial to support you and help you set aims and goals you would like to achieve from the being part of this initiative.





Generate reports around the smart locker usage; your Account Manager can help you analyse the data.





Option 1

Your trial period has come to an end – we will come and collect our Simplicity smart lockers from your office.





Option 2

Your trial period has come to an end – keep your Simplicity smart locker and place an order to install more.




The finer details

  • There will be a nominal fee of £1500 + VAT to cover transportation, delivery, installation, set-up, and removal costs associated with ‘Sample Simplicity’
  • This fee will be deducted with any orders you choose to place within 12 months of signing up to our ‘Sample Simplicity’ scheme
  • The trial will be subject to both the client and Your Workspace entering into a formal written agreement which will be signed by both parties
  • Full terms and conditions apply

Interested in sampling our Simplicity smart lockers?

Contact a member of our team or complete the short application form below, where we will process your application and someone from our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Alternatively, contact us today to speak to a dedicated member of our team to place an order or, to find out how our Simplicity smart lockers can help your business!