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A Smarter Solution to Parcel Management

As a result of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, retailers have seen a surge in demand for online shopping.

With thousands more packages expected to be delivered over the next few months and with online shopping on the rise, facilities, security, concierge and reception teams may become inundated with deliveries, and issues such as missing items becoming a time-consuming task.

Parcel lockers can help with increased deliveries and can automate your mailroom to streamline your parcel management service so that lost parcels become a thing of the past. MYPUP parcel lockers will ensure that the recipient obtains their items in a safe, secure and trackable way.

MYPUP parcel lockers make it easy to receive and return parcels and post in the office. This offers several benefits:

  • Companies can offer parcel lockers as an employee perk.
  • Employees benefit from being able to receive parcels at convenient times.
  • Mailroom and reception staff save time as they no longer need to personally distribute employee deliveries.

Parcel lockers can simplify parcel management in residential buildings like apartments or student halls of residence and office buildings. They also have multiple uses in transport hubs like train stations and airports, storing baggage and duty-free. Parcel lockers can also be used for specific items including IT equipment. Allowing employees to collect or deposit laptops, mobile phone and other valuable equipment without using up IT resources.


How our parcel lockers work!



Smart lockers are installed with our Simplicity locking system that is connected to the MYPUP parcel software.




When a parcel is delivered it will be placed in an automated locker at the designated pick-up point.





Once the locker has been closed, the recipient of the parcel will then receive a message either by SMS or email to say their parcel is ready to be collected, along with a unique code to provide access.




The system can also send delivery reminders and notifications to the recipient to make sure the parcel is collected.

MYPUP London Courier Service

In the London area, this solution also has the option of a courier service.  This means parcels will go to a delivery hub first where the parcel is logged into the software.  The parcel will then be physically placed into an automated locker at the relevant pick-up point.


Design your parcel lockers

MYPUP locker units are metal and come in a range of colours. A range of unit combinations is available with small, medium, large and extra-large compartments which accommodates 95% of most commonly used parcel sizes.

There are seven different types of units to choose from (see below). Whatever configuration you choose first, you can add more units in the future if a particular size is found to be useful.

Full-line up






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Full-line up